I must start by saying that my Mother In Law is a generous and wonderful person.  She enjoys giving, and gives great gifts.  She likes to give many gifts, so there is always at least one that leaves me wondering "What was she thinking?!" 

The Christmas I was pregnant (like almost 300 lbs, 7.5 months pregnant) and living in hot Central FL, my MIL gave me a Christmas gift that I really didn't appreciate.  It was a powder blue, winter, nightgown.  I talking all cotton, long sleeves, way-super-long pull-over nightgown... with a hood!  No lie!! 

So this week, I have been putting on my regular flannel pjs.  You know, the kind with character bottoms.  They make me smile.  And while I generally don't like sleeping with long sleeves, I haven't minded so much this week.  Nor have I minded this wonderful gift of a nightgown my MIL gave to me 4 years ago.. which I sleep in OVER my pjs.  No, it isn't attractive, but it is warm. 

I think my next step is going to be adult footie pajamas. 

I have yet to actually find the hood useful. ;)

Sweet dreams!


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Jan. 6, 2010 at 2:11 AM

LOL, enjoy!

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