Right...  Sil has thrown bil out.  Of course he deserves it, since he's a cheater.  She found out the only reason that he is there is because she owns the house and pays the bills. My so has told the bil that he is planning to get rid of me.  Since he owns the house I will have to go.  Of course I will get the dh because along with his online porn, looking for women on the computer, he is always unemployed. He thinks he will get her, but he has another think coming.  So of course he will take the truck away from me, leaving me with no transpo.  I have two jobs 7 days a week.  So I went to the bank today and found out I can get a car loan.  Ha!!!  So now I can get my own vehicle.  Iv'e already scoped out apartments near my dh's school.  And in 6 months if daddy hasn't gotten his act straight, I will take her to Kentucky and stay with my oldest son.  Who really wants us to come there. My sil doesn't think that he will put up too much resistance because he wants to be a free swinging dick.. So maybe him and his brother can live together and screw skanks.  So me and sil are conspiring against them.  Lets see how he will pay mortgage, truck payment and child support on just unemployment.  Because after all, (as he tells everyone) I don't contribute enough to the family, I am holding us back. Right now bil is out in the garage, because supposedly he is living in his truck.

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Jan. 6, 2010 at 1:38 AM

Good Luck!

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