ok well, im now 24 weeks pregnant. i finally got my medicaid after waiting til after the dead line to get it, i was really angry too because i told the social worker exactly what my situation was. i told her i am high risk and i need to be seen again and i can't right now because i have already had to go in for an ultrasound when i didnt have any insurance at all...well she waited til after the dead line and i actually walked in and requested this woman get fired because she was just lazy. she finally turned in my info. so...i am going to have another daughter and im too happy about it! she weighs 1lb and 11oz!!!! they said that is so so so good. everything looks good and healthy and my uterous is growing according to what it should be. they did a pap on me yesterday too...which i really dont feel compfortable with. she said i have a lot of discharge and she will let me know if something is wrong. she hasnt let me know yet so im guessing im ok. im clinically obese and they didnt want me to gain anymore than 10lbs this pregnancey and i have already gained 16lbs so i have to go on a pregnancey diet. and i have to get my diabeties test in two weeks and then two weeks after that i go to my 4D ultrasound. i wasnt supposed to have it because medicaid dont cover it but i think she is gonna try to work it out for me. i dont know tho that makes me nervous. anyway, yea thats all about the baby.....oh yea she her name is Evangeline Lynette and we are calling her Evey for short! i love the name so much! anyways thats my news ttyl!

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