Ok, well I decided that I'm going to work out more and when I work out I'm going to post on here what I did and what I thought, etc..So yesturday I did an hour of yoga. Now I had no clue that yoga was so hard, it looked supper easy. Anyways so I did some yoga and I really didn't feel no different then what I did before.

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Jan. 8, 2010 at 2:34 PM

Hey I'm doing the same thing but keeping a journal on here my title is 2010 the year to lose the weight.... hopefully......I will i will. Any way keep up the yoga yes it's very hard i am so out of shape and over weight that i can not do regular yoge but I have done in the past this yoga called just my size yoga and after doing it for a few days it actually seemed like i need to amp it up a little. If you get the oxygen channel in the morning around at least here in ohio at 6 am theres a yoga program on there. Any way hope this helps and keep up the good work you rock

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