I was wondering if anyone else suffered so at the hands of the hospital when they gave birth. This is pretty long and I appreciate anyone who reads to the end. It’s basically a looong rant but I gotta tell someone!

My regular ob was on vacation when my daughter was born, leaving me with an out of town surgeon and the on call ob. I have no complaints about the surgeon, he did his job well. The on call ob however is another story. I am a type one diabetic, he was convinced that I was a gestational diabetic. No matter how we tried we could not get through to him that I am type one.

The first morning the nurse came to check my sugar, okay no problem there used to that. I needed a little corrective insulin and said she would get it. I told her that it was okay I'd take care of it as I had my own on me. She said "let me just go check that in and I'll be right back." She returns and gives me hospital insulin, which is different from my own, and started to leave. When I asked where my insulin was she said that the person she had to check it in with was not there and that I would get it back later. It was not until much later I was told that I could not have it back until I left.

Meanwhile my sugar is not behaving, it is always running a little high. Meals, blood sugar checks and insulin are not running at the right intervals and no one will give me the right doses of insulin nor will they even check with the doctor to ask about adjusting the doses. Everything was so out of sync that it got to the point they were checking my sugar as I was eating and only giving me insulin for my current sugar level and not for what I was eating. Bad Idea. Forty five minutes later my hands are shaking, I can barely see and my blood sugar is 325 (thank the gods I had my own testing supplies) we notified the nurse who said she'd ask permission to get me some insulin. An hour passes, blood sugar is at 350, we call the nurse again. "Oh the doctor is in surgery you can't have any insulin until he says so." My husband, Mike begs them to let me have my own insulin back, but they refuse. Another 45 minutes go by my sugar is now 385 still no insulin. Mike calls home and asks Phil to bring more from home. Finally the nurse brings me some insulin (not enough I might add). Ten minutes later the doctor comes in and returns my own insulin and says since I seem to know what I'm doing I can just have them back and should just take care of it myself. Are you kidding me?

Then we have my blood pressure. I went to the hospital not because I was in labor but because I felt terrible. My bp was very high and the doctor decided to do a c-section. I didn’t just have high blood pressure I had pre-eclampsia. No one bothered to tell me that until two days later and when they did get around to telling me they didn’t mention that pre-eclampsia doesn’t always go away when you have the baby. It can persist for a couple months. I needed to take it way easier than I did, so without knowing the damage I was doing I went back to relatively normal activity. Then I landed in the hospital again with blood pressure over 300. Now in the ER it was finally explained that it doesn’t just go away and I was put on bed rest for six weeks. If ANYONE had bothered to tell me before hand that probably wouldn’t have happened.

Next item on the list, severe shoulder pain. When one has a c-section there is often a phenomenon called referred shoulder pain. The basic idea is that the surgery causes little bubbles to form in you, those bubbles settle in the right shoulder causing intense pain. This is a very common occurrence. When I began to complain that my shoulder hurt the nurse first told me to stop whining. Next they decided that pain killers and muscle relaxants were the answer. No matter how many drugs they pumped into me the pain grew worse. Several nurses scolded me for being a baby ordered me to stop crying it wasn’t that bad. You know when you have an awful pain you tend to baby it to try to avoid further pain? That is exactly what I did at their instruction. Turns out that that is the exact WRONG thing to do. The day I went home a nurse finally told me how common that problem is and that the only way to fix it is to work it out. Taking it easy will only cause the bubbles to settle further and hurt more. Why didn’t anyone else know that? They are all supposedly experienced medical personnel!

Last but not least, the psychoanalysis. They somehow got it in their heads that I am crazy. This is fun. They had several “reasons” to believe this load of crap.

Number one: Cassie. Every pregnancy book I read said that when the time comes you should bring a “comfort item”. Mine happened to be a doll. This should not be a problem right? Wrong. I’ve had Cassie since I was five years old, she is the most comforting thing I own, so I brought her. When they went to put in my IV, Mike said that Cassie should look away, in an attempt to distract me. Oops.

Number two: my fingernails. Yes you read that right my fingernails. I have always worn my nails very long, and they are my natural nails. Well thanks to the prenatal vitamins they had me taking my nails grew longer and stronger than ever. So most of them were very long. My pinkie on my left hand in particular, it’s about an inch and a half long. The nurses became convinced that it was a danger to Alyssandra, so I must be crazy since I hadn’t cut it.

Number three: Pain killer induced nightmares and hallucinations. I had asked them not to give me painkillers without my request, but they had already attached a codine drip to my IV that was push button activated. I said I was fine, the nurse said I would hurt later. I said I would use it when I needed it, so she said no and pushed the button several times. Know how they always ask what meds you’re allergic to? Well that was not a fun way to find out that I’m allergic to codine. Guess what the most severe side affect of a codine allergy is! Hallucinations! But I did not know that at the time and like an idiot told the doctor when the curtains tried to attack me.

So they gave me a mental health survey to fill out, which I laughed at and did not fill out. When they asked me about it I told them I didn’t need to “talk to someone” and that their survey was not only insulting but also a load of crap. They sent in a psychiatrist in anyway. He talked very quietly like any sudden move might get him attacked. I asked him flat out why he was there. He mentioned all the above reasons and asked me if I think Cassie is alive. What?! Honest to God I wanted to say “no, why do you?” I didn’t of course but I thought it. I explained the above about a comfort item and told him that it was Cassie or my 22lb cat, but I thought he hospital would mind the cat. He started questioning my family life if I’d been abused etc. As you might imagine by now I’m really getting pissed. I can’t believe that I’m the only woman in the world who has a doll! Eventually he decided that I’m not a danger to myself or others. Thank you very much! So that was the basics of the hell I suffered at the hand of the incompetent hospital staff. Sorry it’s so long.

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Jan. 9, 2010 at 9:12 AM

Remind me to never go to that hospital. I'm so sorry that the crap happened though. While I didn't have bs happen with either of the boy's birth. When Liam was deathly ill the misdiagnosed him 3 times and he almost ended up on life support because of it. Least to say we changed docs.

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Jan. 9, 2010 at 11:13 AM

oh my god what a horror story ! I am sor sorry you went through that! Stupid asshats! and just so you know I have a doll too that I have since I was little. Shes in the attic now becuase I want to save her from m boys lol but shes there :)


And yeah both of my births sucked ass because of the hospital staff. with my oldest every wish was completely disreguarded I was given pitocin after I declined it because well I was already in labor, They gave him bottles of formula when I expressly said he was to be bf only which  majorly caused nursing problems. with ds2 I had tons of complications because the doctors there wouldnt listen to me.

One doctor put me on bed rest- then the other took me off - they refused to give me a ultrasound even though i was bleeding - as a result ds2 was born at 35 weeks - they gave me medice that i didnt want even though i was crying and trying to refuse, which like you made me hallucinate. I also have anxiety disorder and am claustrophobic, they put me in a room without windows and then screamed at me and told me that no i couldnt walk around because my baby would die, and that is EXACTLY what a nurse told me. then when i gave birth they gave ds2 all the vaccines even though i said that we were delaying them till 6 months since ds1 reacted badly. LOL i wont still your post anymore but there was a lot more.

I will NOT EVER have birth at a hospital again. I am still angry about what happened. Birth of our children should be the happiest experience in our lives and yet mine are memories of confusion, pain and humilation oh and cant forget anger.

((((((hugs))))) to you mama you're not alone

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Jan. 9, 2010 at 7:01 PM

Oh my...I would never set foot in that place again if my life depended on it!

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Jan. 9, 2010 at 9:25 PM

I don't have any dolls but I still have a ton of stuffed animals.

I am sorry you had a bad birthing experience.

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Jan. 15, 2010 at 5:29 PM

thank you for all your support ladies!

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