Sean Hannity recommends to his audience to start a home business. Mr Hannity said, " Do whatever you can to start a secondary income". We can no longer allow ourselves dependence on the government.

Strong comment, but entirely true. Soon almost everyone you know will be involved in a home business. We can no longer afford to do business as usual. We the people have the responsibility to change the face of our nation and create independence for ourselves.

Now that you have considered starting a home business. What do you look for in a company? Here are the facts and the things you should be considering.

  1. Find a company that incorporates your passions. This is your business and the best way to introduce your goods and services to further customers and business partners is to exude excitement. Just because this a business does not mean you cannot enjoy it.

  2. Research you company. For the last 72 years Network Marketing companies have been in existence. Approximately 40,000 of them. Obviously only fractions have survived, however the ones that have been successful have created more millionaires than any other industry except for the .com's. Look at companies like Amway, Monavie, and Melaueca.

  3. Find a great product. What are the market trends? What are the problems that need to be solved? What are the needs out there?

  4. Research your compensation plan. Many are similar however some are much more lucrative than others.

  5. Consider your start up cost and return on investment.

  6. Find a leader to join with. Someone who cares about you and your business, and will invest the time to make you a success.

Keep in mind the culture of the company. Are these people that share common goals and values. You will be involved with them hopefully for a long time. For example does the company give to charities or have it own foundation?

When I found my home business the company combined my love of helping others with their health and educating them on how to get off the traditional health care Merry-Go-Round, with my desire to create a community of wealth generation solely based on our grassroot efforts. The company is owned by a billionaire business man. The timing and positioning in the company could not be better. We are poised to enter 50 countries and our CEO has created five other billion dollar companies.

We are at a critical time in our history. America is a country full of innovative and independent individuals. We do not need the governments meddling in our health care. This is going to be a complete disaster. Please if you not do anything else with this information. Take care of your health. Just take a long look at the economy and how they have failed to create the promised jobs. Taking control of your own health care and your financial future is the only way.

Our team is here to assist you, and are happy to answer any of your question. Call or email Donna or Alycia today. 530-495-9733 or 775-291-4062

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