So some of you may know that my granpa had this knot on his head. It was swollen, about the size of a nickel in width and about the height of a small strawberry. He was taken to a dermatologist and instead of just taking it off they did a biopsy. We got the results yesterday and it's positive for cancer. His dr said that it may have started in his lungs or his kidneys and gotten into his blood. From there it progressed to what the dr called an external hematoma. It basically looked like a giant blood blister. We will know more in the next few days as far as the course of treatment and the type of cancer that it is. I'll update you all as I know more. Please send prayers and lots of well wishes.

We heard from the Dr today. Grandpa's cancer is Melanoma. He said that with their being a tumor on his head that it could have easily spread to his brain and the tumor is just the external signs of it showing itself. We take him back to the Dr on thursday to find out more. They are going to do Ct's and MRI's and other tests. The Dr also told us that it could have spread to his liver, kidneys and lungs as well. With him being so over weight it's making it hard for the medical staff to diagnos exactly where the cancer started but hopefully with these tests they'll be able to tell us more. So please mommas pray, send good vibes, send good thoughts well wishes etc cause I don't know what I'd do with out my Grandpa.

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Jan. 29, 2010 at 2:24 AM

Oh Sweetie I am so very sorry to be reading this ( and a few days late at that )...I will for sure keep your Grandpa and all of you in my thoughts and prayers!!

Sending positive vibes your way!!

Love And Hugs Sweetie...

I am so very sorry!

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