well, last night i get up to go to the bathroom about 8 pm and i notice i bleeding...great. its light but still i hate the sight of blood especially during pregnancey. so i just text my husband (who was at drill) and tell him about the spotting. he asked if i was feeling ok and i said im fine but im worried. it has been 12 weeks since the last time i spotted so i thought hmmm whats going on in there? i did what my doc told me, lay down put your fee up and relax it will be ok. as soon as i lay down i feel sharp pressure pains shooting from my lower back to my abdomen...i freaked, i counted the pains, how long they hurt how long they were gone for...2 minute pain 5 to 7 minutes apart and this happened 6 times in the hour. so i called my mom said come get me and take me to the hospital because my doctor told me that if i have braxton hicks that come 6 times within an hour go to the hospital and get looked at. i get there and they put me in labor and delivery. the on call OB comes in and he asked me what happened and checked me for dialation. he says "ok theres the babied head and your dialated a finger to a centemeter" and then proceeds to tell a nurse to put a montitor or two on my belly and check for contractions. well the pains continued to surge even in the hospital and i told a nurse about it every single time. she looks at the monitor and says well your not having contractions honey...OMG that the heck is it lol...the nurse says well sometimes the baby tends to set their head down on this little nerve in your hips or lower back that causes things to go numb or hurt really bad sometimes it takes days to weeks to get them to stop and it just comes and goes because of the way the baby is positioned lol. im like o ok great then im ok. she comes back in with a docs note and says no sex for 6 weeks and bed rest from now on. because im starting to dialate i need to stay off my feet and not walk long distances because i could jump start things...

i know most people would probably say well why are you so worried? i have been through so much with pregnancey and for some reason i cant get these kiddos to stay for very long. im hoping i make it to 35 weeks because thats how far i made it with my 3 year old. ill be on bed rest and my husband is gonna have to adjust to no fun lol.

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