We had a great day yesterday on Brian's Birthday!  Someone showed up to clean my house for me. B proudly wore his "Happy Birthday to Me" button all day long.  We went to Build A Bear with a friend and then Chic Fil A.  Brian picked the cutest little bear and guitar @ Build A Bear.  We came home and played with presents.  It was all going so well...

I guess B was all too tired by about 4 pm, he was starting to unravel and Paul was late coming home.  I was across the house when I heard him choking.  I got him and took him into the kitchen.  He pointed to his mouth, so I asked: did you put something in your mouth? He said yes.  (He was not turning blue.  He could talk.)  He continued to cough and gag.  He told me he swallowed a coin.  I tried the heimlich... which made him wretch.  I turned him upside down and did back blows (hooray mommy strength!)  He gagged and wretched more (and yes the thought that this was all over my CLEAN kitchen floor did happen to cross my mind.)  Since nothing was coming up I started talking with him. "What is a quarter? a penny?" He answered yes to both.  Greeeat.  He was looking really really tired at this point.  I sat him down with a juice and tried to call the peds office.  They close at 4:30.  It was 4:45 by this time. No answer. I tried the on-call #.  Wrong #.  Greeeat.  I called Paul.  With a "Do you think this a big deal?"  attitude.  I am remarkably super calm.  I'm still not sure if I should believe Brian that he really swallowed a coin or if he's just coughing and choking on phlegm.  Paul freaked out a little and said he would be home within 15 min.  

I got ready to go out and started packing B's backpack with fun stuff and snacks.  Paul was home before I was finished gathering. 

The whole time Brian was laying on the couch in our room with his juice looking very sad.

We chose to go to the clinic.  They were WONDERFUL.  The xray showed that Brian did indeed swallow a coin.  A big one. Most likely a quarter. And it stuck.  In his esophogus.  So we were sent to Wolfson's... and fast tracked.  It's after 6pm at this point.  Wolfson's ER - ummmm... yeah.. it's an ER.  (BTW, they retook the same xrays at two different points.  thus interrupting a sleepy child twice.)  TOTALLY thankful that Paul got an iTouch for Christmas.  A little after 9 pm (B was finally asleep) we were moved up to the 6th floor (awakening B and given him and IV and such - which the staff was GREAT with!).  And because I had given B juice to "wash down" whatever he was choking on - which the docs actually said was a good thing to do - they had to wait 6 hours before operating.  So a little after 10pm they came to get him for OR - when he had just fallen asleep.   He fell asleep again in pre-op and they let him stay asleep.  They wheeled him away (They took my BABY!) around 10:30 and were probably done with the whole ordeal in 30 min.  They let his old stuffed penguin go with him, and even put a little ID sticker on Penguin.  He didn't even know we weren't there.  He was a super good patient.  We even got the quarter back!  Totally thinking about scrapbooking that one. 

Brian stayed asleep until about 2am... when he woke up LIVID that he still had an IV, the little O2 monitor on his finger was really ticking him off... and he wanted to go play basketball!  They brought the basketball goal into his room for him.  We also borrowed a couple of movies from their loan library.  After some juices, and a couple of hours of "Elmo" and "Bear in the Big Blue House", I gave B the iTouch with a game to play and told him it was sleepy time.  I fell asleep (on the surprisingly comfortable) parent bed.  The nurse was in twice to check on him before 5am.  At 5 I got up and put the iTouch away. He was finally asleep again.  Until they came in at 7:24am to do vitals.

We were home this morning a little after 10am.  We were supposed to have a well visit today with the ped.  Now we'll probably have to wait until April.  Oh well.  Everyone is fine.

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Feb. 9, 2010 at 12:59 PM

I love your tags on this story! I'm so glad everything is okay now. Whew! 

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Feb. 9, 2010 at 1:27 PM

Wow, Julie.  What an ordeal.  So glad it worked out okay.  How scary.  I definitely would not have held it together as well as you did. 

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Feb. 9, 2010 at 3:15 PM

I think when Paul got home he was surprised at how calm I was too.  When I was talking to him on teh phone I was saying things like "I'm not sure if he really swallowed anything, but he's acting really tired now and definietly choking on something. So what do you think we should do?"  I just felt like I had tried to fix it and I couldn't - so we decided the next step would be going to go see if someone else could.

I cannot say enough positive thigns about the CentraCare though!  They were great with B, pleasant and professional... and FAST.  Plus getting fast tracked into the ER? Two thumbs up for them.

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Feb. 10, 2010 at 10:19 AM

Oh wow!  I had no idea this all went on!!  I am relieved that Brian is okay and he was bouncing around like his ol self in no time.  Chloe gave us a scare a few nights before we moved last week by choking on a piece of orange!  I was washing dishes and Ken was talking to a co worker and I heard her making funny noises....she was gagging like and I went to her and opened her mouth and sure enough she was choking!!  I went and pulled a piece out that was almost lodged in her throat and didn't know that there was another piece behind that!!  I did the CPR finger sweep and pulled that piece out of her throat.  After I made sure she was fine and calmed down, I turned to ken, pulled his shirt to the bedroom and got unto him for not cutting the pieces smaller.  he just unpeeled the orange and gave her the wedges!  I always cut them in to smaller pieces being she has a sensitive gag reflex....  Last night I had to put Chloe in time out for putting money in her mouth.  I am like oh no you don't! 

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