Well last night my husband gave me a Valentines card...and i almost cried! This is the 1st card in almost a year he has bought me, he use to get me cards all the time but it stopped.

we've had a bad 6-8 months! The company my husband worked for went out of business, so he has no job and we are getting a little unemployment, and i know i have applied at over 100 job's for him! We are losing our house...were we are going i dont have a clue! Now a days you have to apply for the jobs online so he's home all day and i'm not use to that and that driving me up the wall. I cant get a job because i'm pregnant....great timing huh?  I'm soooo moody with this one...its way different than my 1st pregnancy. gaa i have the strange moods and i just dont want to do anything, i really try to get motivated.

So anyways when i got the card last night i was happy. I really dont have the words to express how i feel.

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