On cafe mom I come off as a huge bitch, no one really like me & they try to bash me all the time. I  go t  my feelings hurt here so many times, ive eveneven cried over what some women have said to me. I even stopped coming on cafe mom for quite sometime because of them, but Im back & I did some some searching, not to please any of these bitches , but for my self. ive learned: who gives 2 flying fucks what some dumb chick at the other side of a computer screen thinks about me & who I am. \why should i care? these people dont pay my bills, feed my children or love me so why should i let people like that bring me down? Why i let them break me down before i have no idea. BUT im stronger because of it. & I have learned that i dont need anyone one in my life like that. Even though i might come off as a bitch in real life Im what you would call a genuine person.how can you see that if you dont know me? & if no one wants to take the time to get to know me then fuck them, & if you are one of these women who want to try to bring me down to the floor all covered w/ mud just to get down at Ur level, keep it moving& choke on a dick & dieā™„ Im on the path back to loving my self & I love it.

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