It has been a while since I have had the time to get on here. Just a little update. So we had the baby finally, in July, and she is beautiful. She looks just like her older sister, but a little like her brother too. Unfortunately however, along with her brother she also has a severe hearing loss. At least we were prepared. We had a few complications in birth but everything was fine in the end. Her name is Phoenix Eris and she weighed 9lbs 2oz. Now she is crawling all over the place and pulling up on stuff and I almost positive she will be walking by the end of march, ok that may be over shooting it but she really has taken off. As far as everyone else Brodie the oldest is in school now, pre k, and she loves it. She has little friends and she doesn't get pink notes sent home from the teacher which is wonderful and she is super obsessed with KISS what more could a mom ask for. Calyx is in speech therapy twice a week and sees a developmental specialist 2 times a month. He actually identified animals this week. He identified duck horse and cow. And he even tried saying du du like he was going to say duck but no luck. It won't be long. I swear every day these monsters get more and more beautiful. I can't wait to get some new pictures put up on here. That's it for now I guess. Thanks for reading my little update :-)

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