It seems such a long time away, yet sometimes it happened.... just yesterday.

Time passed so fast, or perhaps it was slow... my head says two years is that very long ago?

Yet my heart... it is different. It doesn't count a day. It counts small achievements... as I have made my way.

My path has steered me, through many a mile. Through tears, pain oppression.... mixed with many a smile.

Sometimes that smile is nostalgic, sometimes it is fake. There are days I want to close up... I can't stand awake.

My path is so long, I can't give up the fight. He can never win... for he is not right.

Fists are so wrong and so is the tone. Connections are formed, yet you still feel alone.

The threats and the bruises... that faded with time. Remain in my heart... I am still not just fine.

I'm here, I exisit, and worth so much more..... which is why you are gone... pushed right out the door.

Two years may have passed.... on this very day... but my fear of that time, is yet to fade away.

Don't tell, not a word... or I'll kill you... you said. Almost every night as I laid down my head.

Every night for a year, this magic you worked... and kept me afraid... you big f'in jerk.

Not tell....  I don't think so... I'll tell the whole world. About David Vitello and the pain I incured.

On file, in New Hampshire.... for the whole world to see... hoping someone can read this.... and not become me.


If you  yourself or know someone who needs help.... National Hotline for Domestic Violence is 1.800.799.SAFE (7233)

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