Ok, this isn't about anyone on here that's fake or anything but someone that I know personally that is fake.

This person is my aunt, mom's sister, and atm she and her 2 kids are living with my mom because she lost her job back in july last year.

But really the fact of her being so fake isn't what I wanted to post about, althought that can get pretty freakin' annoying at times. 

Well, let me say that back in, hmm, September I would say, she had her car impounded, I think that is what happened; something that her ex-husband did while they were together, some loan place I think...anyways, back in july my mom and dad bought a new car, because my sister just turned 16 back in Jaunary and the old car was going to go to her. Well my mom and dad let my aunt use their old car to get around to school and such. Like I said that was back in September that all that car stuff happened. 

My sister had to wait til Feb. to get her liscense because they have to have the permit 9 months too. And the 12th was the day she could have gotten it, well they were closed then and she went the next day to find out the comps were down and she needed her social, which they forgot I guess. But my aunt keeps telling me how glad she is because now she has more time to figure out how she is going to get around. Umm. hello, why weren't you trying to figure that out first thing after your car was taken. I mean sure you had my mom and dads car but comeon, you knew that they had told Jenna it was hers and that she was getting close to when she could drive it. Did you think she wouldn't want to drive it to school or what. 

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