As i've posted in another group, I have horrible anxiety. And the worst of it is towards illness that I can't control by medicine. Such as vomiting or high fevers.  Whenever I hear of someone we've been in contact with getting the stomach flu I flip. But why??? In the scope of life this is something so small. It's something that is done with in a day or two. But I let it run my life. I constantly worry that my DS or I am going to get sick with this. I don't know why or what makes me me like this but I hate it and want it to stop running my life. Obviously no one likes to "get sick" but what makes my worry so bad?? Anyone have any insight??? or help???


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Feb. 24, 2010 at 8:56 PM

Yep, I have anxiety, and depression sometimes too. My daughter has the anxiety part too. It's so hard to deal with. But, I have tried many anti-depressants, and anxiety medications. They do help, especially the right one. It just takes some trial and error. I am on Lexapro right now and it seems to be helping me. So...........don't give up, there is help. Counseling is helping my daughter, don't want her on medications yet. She can make that decision later in her life.

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