So yesterday, thursday, Tony and I had our last childbirth class. I am so glad that we chose to do the four week course instead of the all day sprint course. The nurse who taught the class was amazing.

The first night of class we ended on the floor learning about different positions that might feel good during labor including different massage techniques. We also watched a video on what to expect during a natural labor and how different women coped with the pain.

The second week we missed a lot cause my dr. wasnt sure if I was in labor or not and had us go upstairs just to be on the safe side. Thankfully I wasn't just dehydrated, stressed, and had a possible UTI.

Last week we looked at the surgical side of labor. Watched a video on what to expect when having a c-section. Went over some handouts and started to gather ideas as to what we'd like to have in our birth plans.

Last night we found out that one of the other couples in our class was put onto bed rest due to pre-term labor starting at 31 weeks. We all didn't think that she and her husband would show up but they came and she just stayed in a wheelchair. She had some of the same symptons I had two weeks ago with cramping and lower back pain but she didnt feel any contractions. We also had the tour of the birth center and wow it was not what I had expected. All the rooms had hard wood floors, a nice big whirlpool tub, lots of room to be able to use a birthing ball and be mobile.

As of right now, Tony and I are planning on going for as natural as possible depending on how much pain I can handle so drugs are welcomed once I feel the need for them. We are working on getting both houses ready for Drake when he arrives and right now he's moving all over in my belly. I'll post my birth plan in a few days and maybe get some opinions on it, see if anyone on here can think of anything that might be useful to ask about.

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