I dont come here to bitch often, but i really need to vent.

So, I married a man whi can do basically anything for basically anyone but me.  He has built additions, replumbed whole houses, re-wired homes, roofed, I think you get the picture.  Any time anything here needs done its  a wait until the last minute then bitch to high heavens.  WTF.

I have been renovating my kitchen for almost 2 yrs.  I have done 90% of the work, he installed the new sink and reinstalled the garbage disposal.  I have done all the cabinet making and hanging, I laid the counter-tops (granite tiles) and all demolotion and hung the drywall.  I need him to do the finishing and have been waiting months, I also wish he would do the finish cuts on the edging I bought for the counters, I am not confident I will get the miters *perfect*.  If I dont he will complain everytime he gets drunk. 

So one project at a time  Isnt enough, nooooo, we had to put in the laundry upstairs too.  So I did all the demo work and got my son to carry out the plaster and Bill is to run the gas lines and plumbing.  I will hang and finish the drywall .  The washer ands dryer will be delivered on Wednesday and I wanted to have the wall finished before delivery.  I dont think I can easily paint around the washer and dryer.

It had to be done now, my dd doesnt want to help me with my laundry anymore so she bought the front loaders to go in the bathroom upstairs. 

My husband has been stomping his feet for 2 days.  I bought the line last week so he has had time.  Everything at the last minute and with him screaming the whole time.

Is it just me or is someone else out there familiar with this kind of thing?

I have asked him to pretend I am a customer.....


BTW anyone got a contractor that will work for good food????

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Mar. 1, 2010 at 2:03 PM

Sounds to me like he's trying to punish you for some reason or other.  Why don't you ask him what he's so mad at you about?  But, don't act like you are irritated when you ask him, so you might need to wait a day or two before you ask him.  One clue might be in that you are so handy yourself and only need his help for certain parts of the project.

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Mar. 1, 2010 at 2:27 PM

LOL na its more like the old saying that a cobblers children have no shoes;)  I just wanted to bitch about it.

If he is angry there is nothing passive aggressive about him, I assure you.

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Mar. 1, 2010 at 5:51 PM

I'm sorry. YAY for you in being able to do all YOU have done! I hope he will help ASAP...Wednesday is SOON!

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