Chad & Me plus 3

My life as a wife & mother of 3

 Here are the things I want to do before I "kick the bucket" lol (I will add as I get more ideas)

Go to Paris, Australia, Egypt, Greece, Brazil (for Carnivale), and to all of the 50 states, 42 to go!

Bungee jump, sky dive, jump off a waterfall, repel down a mtn.

Try an exotic food like escargot. bleh

Go to a place I don't want to go & find something there I like.... like Alaska! lmao (or Saudi Arabia)

Take a picture with my husband in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Go see Graceland.

Successfully deliver my twins vaginally and past 36 weeks gestation.

Take my hubby on his first Vegas vacation.

Have another wedding, in the states this time and with all our family present.

Tell someone off in public who is rude to me. (since i usually just walk away)

Be able to tell people just what I think instead of candy coating things. hah




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