I went and got a mamogram done today .. found out I just had water pockets. and just follow up with the dr. I was so glad to find out nothing wrong. The only thing i hated about  it was  my hubby having to wait so long   and having to wait for another order from the dr to the other side. but we are home and just relaxing.

I was greatful that my loving husband was one to say he'd help me . later this evening he said he'd help me out yet again. he's such a good man...

I get so beside myself when my mother doesn't help out or even offer, she didn't even offer to take me to the clinic today. sheesh moms ......I'm better off it seems with out her she doesn't even offer to babysit.

well I'm just greatful that today was a good day and that I got a good report .

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Mar. 6, 2010 at 1:56 AM

Good News!! Yay!!!

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