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Why does it have to be such an argument between moms? Why can't we just let moms make informed choices about their child's education? I am not against public school, it just is not the right choice for my kids. Yes, I said choice. It is a choice.

There are options available to parents for the education of their children. PS seems to be the most popular. Of course there are private schools, all of which are a choice in themselves. Is it a private school because of religion? Artistic Studies? Is it Ron Clark's school? Maybe a private school that is so expensive only the millionaires can afford it.  There are many choices available just in the realm of private school.

Then we have home school. Which also has a ton of choices within the confines of the title. All of these options that are available to us as parents are to achieve the same end goal, education. What is the best way to get the best education for my child. For us, my children, the best option is home school. Maybe if we called it home education? Not sure if that would help.

I have to question those who insist HSing is a detriment to any and all who are involved. Just because the only person  you knew who ever HSed was a quiet and shy person that you think acted weird, does not mean all HSers are like that.

 I also question the hsers who insist public school and anyone who attends is a minion of the Devil. Just because 2 teachers were lap dancing at a pep rally does not mean all schools are horrible. 

I just don't see why it has to be one way or the other. Why can't it be both?  Why can't we act like the educated women that we are and ask questions about what we do not understand? Why must we attack with our preconceived notions?

Homeschooling is not for everyone. Public school is not for everyone. Education IS for everyone, how you get it really does not matter.

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Mar. 6, 2010 at 5:11 PM

I choose not to homeschool right now for several reasons.  Mainly because my son has autism and I'm just not equipped to handle certain needs he has.  Also, not every parent is cut out to homeschool.  Period.  I wish more people would realize that and not insist that every parent MUST homeschool.

I also can't afford private school.  So, since the law says I must have my child educated, I have no other alternative than public school.

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Mar. 6, 2010 at 5:45 PM

I think the funniest thing is that people who complain about homeschooling don't realize that we are paying for public school.  Same amount of money from taxes going to the schools, but less students, equals more money that can be spent per student on their child. 

To each his own... I tried public school, it didn't work out.  I can't afford private school although I checked one out last week just to see what my options are.  So for now homeschool is for me.  Maybe someday things will change. 

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Sep. 24, 2010 at 6:25 PM

I have home schooled my kids officially for almost 13 years.  I went to government schools as a child and was a private school teacher before I came home to teach my own children.  I try not to talk trash about choices people make.  I understnad why people question my choices, though.  People naturally crave acceptance.   A similar choice is jus like a vote of acceptance.  Seeing someone else succeed in a different choice can makesome  people feel as if their own choices are not good enough. Some also automatically think that one parents from one group do not approve of those parents who make different choices.  This can be seen whether we are talking about CIO, tandem nursing, or any other parenting choice.  It is not true of everyone, but it does happen.  I have learned through the years to make sure that the person asking questions about my choices knows that I hold no ill feelings toward him or her.  I have discovered that this approach calms the other person more than anything else I can say.  Most folks ask me about my choices to see if I hate them for taking a different direction.

Frankly, I find that home schooling offers so much for the child that it is the superior choice for all children.  However, it is not the superior choice for all parents and therefore it isn't the best choice for all families.  Once people see that I don't blame them for the choices they make, they sometimes stop asking me questions about my choices altogether.

What I get from this is that many people who seem to be trying to drag you down really have misgivings about their own choices and need encouragement.  They want to know that you don't look down on them for making a different choice.

I think it is possible for me to believe that home schooling is a superior choice without making the parent feel bad for not being able to take that avenue toward the education of their child.  I can do both becuase I know that stats and I have seen all sides of this debate, yet I can make choices for my own children without purposefully hurting other parents.  It just takes knowing that some people need reassurance by the band-wagon approach.  Those are the parents who need to be told by me that my different approach to parenting (the deeper issue is that I feel that home school is a lifestyle choice and not merely a choice for education)  is not meant to slam them personally.

Try that the next time you get lambasted for your views.  Turn to that person and ask if they realise that you do not think ill of them for choosing government school or another form of conventional schooling.  Watch the facial expression change!  You will have thrown water on their fire.  Take a moment to let the person know that you truly are not trying to be a snob and don't think ill of him or her for choosing government or private school.  Honestly, I think the effect you get nine out of ten times will be positive.  Try it!


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