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 Hello All,

Just wanted to tell you all about this great blog I found. I am not an affiliate of them, I am sharing this because I really feel that they have some great information to share. Innovative Passive Income has a lot of information on generating passive income (as the name suggests). The focus is mostly on freelance writing, which is great because you can generate a residual income without ever leaving your house. Check them out here.

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Melissa Van Horn is a work from home, homeschool mom. She has spent several years and several thousand dollars searching for the perfect home based business. She has finally found that with Ameriplan®. She has a passion for sharing her experiences with others through Examiner. In addition to running her Ameriplan business, Melissa runs a Barefoot Books business, and does freelance writing for several clients.


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Mar. 27, 2010 at 6:32 PM

I'm checking the site now and wow there is alot of information there. I'm looking into doing some freelance writing for some extra cash and for the experience. Thanks.

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