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Go figure...take a morning that's frigid due to the power going out last night which means no heat which starts out going really good with DH and you working together to get the kitchen stove going and stuff ready for his day...put him in his car going to work...he calls...just like he always does...visit starts out nice...stove...coal...kids...etcetera...then quick as a whip that snaps your neck around he turns to Dr. Bly about money and taxes and snide quips and nasty tone...wait it's ten minutes later and he's back to being DH and telling you he'll run the air compressor hose into the house this afternoon so you can blow the coal dust out of the stove fans like you asked him to...to saying "text me and let me know how Billy's haflingers made out in a night with no 'heat' on their new pasture fence" (translation..."let me know if they stayed in or you've gotta go bring 'em home from the neighbors"!)...and "gotta get going...Love you".  And folks wonder why you told your dr that things still weren't where you wanted them and he had to increase your meds a little more!!!!

Dog's a-barking so gotta go...don't want the neighbors down the road to start up again....just getting to be neighborly!



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