While we will all be enjoying the "Easter" festivities with our children or such lets please respect to.....keep concsious of the reason for the celebration which is Christ's resurrection. Mark 16. Lets Thank HIM and give HM the glory for dying on the cross and with that act of obedient  love washing away our sins so that we can enjoy the life we live freely today without guilt or remorse (isnt HE a true gentleman?)
THANK YOU JESUS for dying on the cross an washing away all of  my sins. and THANK YOU GOD for sacrificing your sinless, perfect son so that we may have free will and be forgiven for our sins when we turn away from such sin. YOU are the KING of KINGS, LORD of LORDS
i know im too selfish to sacrifice my child for the forgivess of mankind and to give everyone else free will and im too selfish to die on a cross for everyone elses sins to be forgiven

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