The last year has caused many changes in my life but not like the changes that have taken place in our country. We are at a crossroads and heading down a dark road leading to socialism but we can take a different route. We can take this anger, frustration, fear and uncertainty and educate ourselves to where we can begin to teach people just what this great country of ours was and still is; a country that is free from the grip of the government and free to practice our faith, our ideas, our hope and prosperity. We begin with ourselves. We educate ourselves by reading the Constitution. We read it and we practice it and we spread that word to everyone that wants to listen. There are those out there and on here who want to tear America down. These people want total control of our lives. They think they are better than us, that we are  second class citizens who need to follow them blindly. Ladies you are not second class. You are the hope and the dreams of the future. Our ancestors did not come here to be enslaved but to be free from the tyranny of dictatorships and it is our duty to keep that dream alive. We need to go back to the principles that made America so great - liberty, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness. We need to instill in our children and our grandchildren pride in ourselves and our accomplishments and to bring back responsibility. We are responsible for our happiness not the government, not other people, but ourselves. We are strong, we are smart, and we are the foundation upon which our future and our children's future stands. We know right from wrong and we do not need to stand around and fight each other. We need to take our anger about what is happening to our country and our rights and liberties and turm them into a passion so strong that evil will be wiped out. We can crush the head of the snake and make America the place that the world turns to for justice and prosperity. We do not need the progressives to take away our dreams. We have minds and we need to start using them and helping each other become better people not slaves to the state.

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Mar. 27, 2010 at 3:48 PM

Very well put!!

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