Question: Does your child's father/ sperm donor, pay child support on time every month?


yes, always helps to support his children

50/50, sometimes he pays, sometimes he doesn't

Once in a blue moon

Has never pd anything

Since the father and I are still together and living under the same roof, I'm letting him off the hook. lol

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My dd has had visitation w/ her sperm donor since she was about 3 or so. (He gave up his rights, then got a gf who wanted to play house, so decided to get them back, and he was granted them back, just like that. hmmmm.) Anyway. He gets her 6 x's a mo. Every wed. 5pm-8pm. Every other Sat. 4pm-8pm. No overnights, and only holidays/ b-days, that fall on scheduled visit days. She's now almost 12, and since the beginning of visitation, little has changed. He misses a MIN. of 1-2 visits per mo. When he or his kids (he married the homemaking gf, and had 3 kids w/ her) are sick, I totally appreciate him not showing up, but the least he could do is call and let dd know he won't b there. Plus besides being one of the sickest fams. in the world, I think, he has given dd excuses like, they forgot it was visitation day, lost track of time, were out shopping or visiting friends, and wouldn't have gotten back in time.......etc.

When he does show up he's 25-29 mins. late EVERY day. So she has to sit around wondering if he's just gonna be late, or not even show up at all. He shows no interest in her, or what she's interested in. Spends NO time w/ her at all. And doesn't pay child support. A TRUE WINNER, THIS GUY!!! DD has had 2 Orchestra concerts, one of which she was asked w/ 4 other 6 graders to join the 7 and 8th graders at their concert. And she just got the lead in the school play, but she won't even tell him, because she doesn't want him there, and doesn't want to hear about it afterwards about how they would've loved to come, so she's not even telling him after it's over.

To get to the reason for the title of this post................He is close to $7000 in the rears for child support. So I told my daughter that A) She needed to tell him how she felt about him missing so many visits. (She always gets mad and hurt by him not showing up, and takes it out on me, and the rest of the fam., then is over it, by the next visitation day, and is overjoyed that he showed up.) I told her not to get upset w/ me, because I have her there every visit. Told her that she's got a right to be upset, but that she should let him know, because he loves her, and just has his priorities messed up. She claims that she's told him and his wife, and they just say that they know, so it doesn't change anything. So I told her to keep telling him over and over, and hopefully he'll figure it out. I've tried talking to him, but everytime I do he comes up w/ excuses and then goes out of his way to show me that he'll do whatever he wants. (He was abusive and controlling when we were together).

And then I told her that B) She needs to let him know that she needs all new summer clothes,a nd that she's got school field trips coming up, and school fees due, and it would be really nice if he would pay a real payment of childsupport, to help me and her stepdad out. She told him that, as well as telling him that they were lucky because all 3 of their kids were gone most of the day at school and daycare, and so they could both go out and work. She said that mommy wished her youngest was old enough for school so that she could get a job w/out paying for childcare and help out financially.

So.........do you know what dd was told by her sperm donor and stepmom, as to why they CAN'T get jobs, and pay child support even though all 3 of their kids are gone until at least 4pm everyday of the wk????????????

Are you ready for the best excuse????

DD's "dad": " I'll tell you when you're older, the reasons why we can't get jobs"

DD's stepmom: "We got into some trouble w/ the law, and can't get jobs now"

That's it................the best excuse....................who could argue w/ that?

ARGH!!! even convicted felons coming straight out of prison, can find jobs, even if it's flipping burgers. A true parent does what they have to do, to provide for their child. He wants to "get rich quick". *snort*. And they are both too lazy to get jobs. Besides from what I understand, thier last offense, (which they had a beautifully written article about, in the paper) was theft of a card, and it said that it was a misdemenor.

 And what is the point of taking him to court for the back cs? We've done it in the past, and he was told to pay, and he still didn't. Last time he reached $5000 cs told him that he was getting his license taken away, if he didn't pay. And I'll b darned, he came up w/ the money!! Whoa!! A miracle!! 
This time he's still driving around w/ no probs.!!

Did I mention that they were out a few wks ago, looking at a $5000 car for wifeypoo? Her grandmother was giving them the money for a downpayment, but they haven't had jobs in like 9 yrs, so they were denied!! No jobs in 9 yrs. and yet they have money each wk. for rent, clothes, trips to the mall, gas, pets, cigs., food, utilities??? Doesn't make much sense does it? GRRRRR 


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Mar. 29, 2010 at 10:54 PM

wow, thats about as good as when my oldest 2's sperm donor dodging the 1st round of paper work when i filed for child support and as then the 2nd round when he agreed to pay get this a whole 74 bucks a month in child support because he has one job and that the army reserves. plus he agreed to buy their health insurance and claims he can't do it. because he can't afford it.


your daughter's sperm donor and his wife are most likely working under the table jobs so that they won't have child support taken out of their pay checks.

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