I'm beginning to think that no onein my hosue cares what happens to me anymore. Aidan tried to be good but the stress level in the house is so high i've been going insane and i know that it is now affecting him as well. case in point...Rick is gettign ready to go to work and called me. i aske dhim what and he never replied so my brother gets in teh middle and basically orders me to see what he wants. i'm sorry but if you call someone you can at lest have the decensy to tell them what you want instead of just ignoring them. we were all supposed to watch the latest wrestling ppv together last night and last minute my brother decides to go to a friends house to watch it and after that was decided then no one cared if we got it here to watch or not. i just feel like i am being ignored and that no on ehere cares about what i say or do. i try to talkt opeople and i get treated like a child or just ignored like i don't really matter. maybe if i could find a full time job and get out of the house more i would feel better but at the same time i don't have a car or even a license so i need to work close to home or else i'm screwed and no where around her eis really hiring that i can work at. i have two possibilities at a vet clinic i applied for before but with all my luck i won't get hired there either because my luck is for shit anymore. i feel like the one friend i used to go out with just once a month has abandoned me and i have no idea why because lat we talked things were fine. Rick of course gets to go out whenever he wants wether other people have plans or not. for the past month and a half he has gone out every single friday and never asked me once if i had plans or even wanted to go withhim so i basically give up. i will try to find a job and once i get enough money i will move out and take my child wiht me.

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Mar. 30, 2010 at 2:18 PM

oh keri, i so sorry you are going thru this. I wish I could help you.

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