I am going to find that next clue before anyone else does....

What clue? What is he talking about?

                                                               Oh, I know, I know! He going to help test out a new game!

 What new game? Where?


A new game being tested right now in Chicago Platinum.

 Do I have to join to play?

                                                                         Nope. All you got to do is show up and follow the directions. 

 Are there any prizes like the ones Cafemom is giving away?

                                                                                   No, but you get to give your opinion and make suggestions on how to improve the game.    

Well, I do like to give my opinion and give suggestions.

                                                                                       Well, come on with me.

 What's the name of the game?



How do we get there?

                                          By Free Banner Maker                                                                             

of course! Ready,Set, Click!

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