I picked up my knitting needles again this past year after many years away, raising my own children and building a career as a freelance writer and blogger. I've now discovered the joys of knitting for my grandchildren and never run out of ideas for this loyal little troop of fashionistas. Every time I knit a hat or scarf, everybody wants one so they've kept me very busy.

I have two new granddaughters, one 2 months old and one 5 months old so my newest projects are baby hats and blankets. I made both the daughters two blankets, some hats and a baby cocoon for their baby showers, plus various hats and blankets since then.

I saw a photo of this baby hat in a magazine ad and since I couldn't find one like it, I decided to create my own. It's made of Sugar 'n Cream striped yarn and the pattern is on my knitting blog, Spinning Alpaca Yarns.  I've got quite a few free patterns there as well as resources and links to other pattern sites.

Having grandchildren has taught me one of the true joys of knitting and creating lovely things is giving them as a gift of love to someone you really care about.

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