Do you have certain things you do for yourself when you're feeling down? Or just when you want to feel happier or perk up your home? I've discovered that there is a lot of good energy generated when you buy something new for yourself or your home and it doesn't even have to be expensive.

I've been thinking lately about getting some new cups for my morning coffee. I wanted a certain shape and a large size. While I was at Big Lots looking for things to give my daughter for her new home. I found my cups there! They were just the right size and shape I'd been wanting, and each one was in a nice light spring color, like lavender and green. Now my morning coffee tastes better.

i also got some spring tulips in a container that I've been enjoying. I was going to give them to my daughter for Easter but as they sat in my kitchen, they opened up and looked so pretty and smelled so good, I decided to keep them and get her another plant.

Yesterday too, I had lunch with an old friend who lives up the street from me and a new friend who just moved in next door. We had a "girls lunch" and visited some stores together, then capped it off with a root beer float for dessert. This type of relaxing day can really let you know that life is good.

Sometimes when life gets hectic and we have issues with children, spouses, money and jobs, it't nice to remember that true happiness is made up of little things that happen each day, not always the big things. Many of these little things, we can make happen, or we can also just try and notice the good there is around us, which can help balance out the stress of daily life.

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