This is about some of the best cashback reward programs to get money back for shopping online.
They have lots of stores such as GAP, Circuit City, Ebay, Walmart, Barnes and Noble and over 2000 shops.
It's FREE and gives signup bonuses!
Signup Bonuses (get rewarded for signing up)
Cashbaq: $5
Ebates: $5
BigCrumbs: None
Mr. Rebates: $5

Payment Method? when? minimum payout?
Cashbaq: Check or Paypal (Monthly - $10 min)
Ebates: Check or Paypal (Every 3 months - $5.01 min)
BigCrumbs: Paypal (Every month - No min)
Mr. Rebates: Check or Paypal (Upon Request - $10 min)

Referral rewards
Cashbaq: 10% for 1st gen, 5% for 2nd gen and 2% for 3rd gen of referrals.
Ebates: $5 per referral
BigCrumbs: About 1% referral commission up till the 5th generation of referrals.
Mr. Rebates: $5 per referral + 20% referral cashback.

Find an item that you want in ebay by going straight to ebay.
Save it to your watched list. Now go to Bing and log in using one of their keywords to take you back to ebay,
when you get there the Microsoft Cashback appears.
Now go to Big Crumbs and click on the begin shopping with ebay.
When you get back to ebay via Big Crumbs the Microsoft cashback will still be there.
Buy that item and you get both Bing and Big Crumbs savings. BigCrumbs offers 36% of the seller’s fees in cash back.
eBates - flat 2% off of the item's price in the form of a rebate.

P.S. I have spent time and effort collecting information.
If you found this helpful I would appreciate if you use my referral to signup.

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