I sit here late at night thinking over everything that happened today. I'm emotionally exhausted and drained. I still have the feeling that I could just sit and have a long cry but I really am avoiding it.

It all started this morning. We were all getting ready for school. Chris goes to Chloe's school on Mondays to help the art teacher while I'm at work at the middle school and Allison is at her speech class in preschool. Alli said her tummy hurt. So we tried to get her to eat and drink and she wasn't much for it. So I told her I would stay home and she could cuddle with me at home instead of going to school. Well she wasn't having it she wanted to go. I asked her many times if she wanted to stay home before the bus came and took her to school. But she wasn't having any of that. She loves school. So I told the bus driver what was going on and if anything changed to tell the teacher to call me I work right across the street from Allison's school.

I wasn't even at school 10 minutes when my cell phone started vibrating constantly. I took the call and it was her teacher with some of the worse news a heart mother can hear. Miss Jackie (what the kids call her) says to me. Allison is vomiting(like dry heaving), shaking, says her stomach hurts and that she is having chest pains, that her lips are so purple they almost look black, she's very pail and listless. I left work ASAP and went across the street to get her.

I was devastated when I saw her. The last time she looked this sickly and pail was directly after her first open heart surgery. Instantly old emotions swept over me and I just wanted to scoop her up and run to Riley ER. But I listened to what her teacher needed to tell me and the other teacher called my husband to let him know I was swinging by and picking him up on the way. My heart was pounding so hard and I was tearing up. I kept it together for her. We called the ER to tell them what was going on and to expect us and boy they were ready! She was still pail and very little color in her lips and still having chest pain when we arrived. The nurses all could see she wasn't doing good.

They took us straight to a room set up for her and hooked her up to all the monitors, did her vitals and immediately thought she was having irregular heart rhythms. They got her admitted and got her settled in and she didn't want to talk to them she was out of it. Alli just laid there like a rag doll. They brought her a barbie and laid it on her and she just left it there. It was soooo heart breaking. But we turned on cartoons and slowly but surely she started to get her color back, then her cheeks became flushed, and she started talking a little bit. Then the next thing you know they let her have orange juice and crackers to see if she can keep things down. Then the next thing we know she's sitting up smiling, giggling, talking to the nurses, asking for food and to go potty. It was like night and day. She was back to acting like her old self again within 2 hours of being there and that's all they did.

The doctors couldn't figure out what had happened or caused this "episode" to happen. At first they were ready to give her a full work up of her heart but then as she acted better and better they decided not to because they didn't want to do more than they had to, to her. I asked them several times if they were sure and that it was ok with me since they are not tests that hurt. EKG, ECHO, and XRAY is what they were thinking. But they said they were ok with not doing them.

We were extremely relieved seeing her acting normal and better but baffled and still worried. After 5 hours we were finally home tonight. I am still worried extremely. I feel the same way as my mother in law and so does my mom. I feel like this is going to happen again. I think we got lucky. This wasn't nothing, it may be the beginning of something. I wish I would have made her stay home with me today. Next time I will.

This was after she finally started perking up.

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Apr. 13, 2010 at 12:43 AM

Poor baby! I would have forced them to do tests, although I guess (or hope) they know what they're talking about! God bless you mama and good luck with whatever is going on. Sometimes the scariest things have the simplest causes. Lets pray that this is one of those times!


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