I do not sew.
I do not like to sew.
I cannot sew.

Ever do a project with your kids and just realize, thoroughly, that you suck? Our niece likes to make lil stuffed animals and she does a great job making hers. My kids wanted to try this "crafty idea" so digging through fabric we did!

We found suitable fabric (doesn't every non-seamstress keep a tub of fabric?) and then we got out my beloved (haha) sewing box. I have a machine; my mom was kind enough to buy me one years ago. I hate that friggin machine with such a passion. I would like to part it out.

Today we were not using a machine. I figured it would be best to teach the kids to actually sew first. You know, like putting the caluculator before the brainwork? Common sense just dictated I use a needle and a thread.

So we did.

Three hours later this is what we made.

We actually made two of these lil suckers but the boy has his right now and he is off on some beach journey. You have my full permission to laugh and cackle over this fine job! You may also mention the third leg. That was not planned, again, I suck.

DS was too funny...he tried to thread a needle ONCE. He got fed up and said he would watch instead. (reminds me~sewing takes patience) He did sew a portion of his, but again, he petered out...that patience thing again. He said "besides, sewing is a girl's thing!". Huh? Wha? Now, not being the type of parent that assigns stereotyped gender roles to her children, I wondered: "where does my son get these ideas?" Fascinating!

His father asked me to sew a button back on his shorts last week. That is a pretty decent "hint". So I began to think about it, as I do with most interesting statements my kids mutter. What does sewing "take"/ "require"?

Let's break this down, shall we?
1.) Good hand/eye coordination
2.) Patience (that p word, again)
3.) Sustained gratification (it is NOT "done" right away)
4.) No fear of sharp objects

Boys have these traits, so do grown men. Yet we women are expected to sew.

The kids asked me if I knew any man who sews, and by golly, I do not! Kids often prove us wrong, damn them.

The highlight of this project was actually the stuffing. I used an old pillow, because I have been wiped out this week and did not want to schlepp to wal-mart again...I thought I would do this project with things we already had. So we cut into the pillow, and it was FULL of itty bitty shitty feathers. They were billowing everywhere! (we had already decided to stuff these lil suckers outside in the back yard, so while doing the stuffing portion we had snowballs of feathers billowing through the wind. Pretty cool. )

When it came time to sew the buttons on, the kids found a thimble in the beloved sewing box and asked what it was. I explained "It is a thimble and we use it on our finger so we do not prick ourselves..." DS immediately pipes up with: "So, it's a thumble?" Gotta love those kids.

Once again, today in a matter of mere hours I remember why I hate to sew. I do not like to sew. And I do NOT sew.

Sew what?

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Apr. 17, 2010 at 3:01 AM

lol the lil stuffy is cute.

pssst- btw if you had sewn it an left a lil hole to stuff an flipped it inside out then stuffed an sewn shut you might not have ended up w a third leg lol.

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