I just want to share some nice pics and a few words about our Father's Day.

We enjoyed the day at the Exploratorium in San Francisco Ca, where we were delighted to be under a bright blue sky and one of the warmest days ever in SF.

Originally our son was NOT into the idea. Until he is a father he has NO say over what his father chooses to do with his day, so we dragged the boy with us. Of course by the time we neared the city he was raring to go!

Here are a series of pics from our day. Enjoy!!

Oh she thinks she is sooo cute! I agree. :P

He had a blast!!

Girls gone wild. Hahah


Inside the Exploratorium....yes, that IS what you think it is. LOL Never been used for a crap.

Rob shot this one, turned out pretty effin good.

Two cuties in red! Oh, right before this shot Audrey spotted a submerged log and asked what it was...I did not miss a beat and replied: "why, that's an alligator dear..." OMG I have never seen my kid dart back so quickly. Oh we laughed!

A shot from across the lake. There was a couple taking wedding pics here that day as well. great spot!

Here we are, posing for dad.

This is part of the Palace of Fine Arts; isn't it grand?!

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