Took the spawn roller skating yesterday. First time taking them to the rink. I had a blast! Just like old times. Really. I had my tenth b-day party (ha, my ONLY b-day party!) at this same rink.

Friends, the place looks exactly the same. It was really weird, surreal.

I am blogging about the day because I want to share my unique style of luck. I hope you will enjoy!

Son did not wanna go, me and DD insisted. So he is whiny and the big downer until we get there. It took me 20 mins to get his damn skates ON. How the hell does a 6 y/o NOT know how to get his foot into a god damned friggin boot?! UGH

Then, another ten mins to get audy's on. (had to loosen the laces all the way down) I am trying to quickly get my own skates on I reach done and try and twist and yank the boot and pull a serious muscle in between my boobs. WTF?! Oh, that's right. I am 41 now, this is supposed to happen! Lovely. It hurt real bad mommy.

SO....we get our shit in the locker...head towards the floor and the dear son is complaining: "this is hard, I can't do it, I hate this, this is a stupid idea...." Lovely squared.

We get out there...DD is having the time of her life. DS is displaying his piss poor attitude (which I dare say he inherited from me, uh oh) and he falls several times, and cries. Like a lil babay. Again, lovely. And because I pulled that boob muscle I am having a hell of a time holding him up, it uses exactly THAT muscle. Great. I take a deep breath and tell myself: "this will be fun god dammit."

So we skate. He falls. She smiles.

We decide his back wheels really should be locked. So again, I pry off his skates and we deal with that. All better now. Back on the floor.

I get my groove on hard core and almost cannot breathe. Holy cardio, I would skate like that for 6 hours non-stop as a punk ass I am that old lady out there. LOL UGH!!! I began dripping sweat.

So we decide to eat. There is a snack bar there. YAY! We go to retrieve my wallet out of the locker and the locker eats my next quarter without giving me the key. Great. Unload and reload another locker with our stuff. This one also eats the quarter and gives NO key. These are the SAME lockers I used as a kid. This happens again, three times! Call me stupid. It's ok.

So I tell the manager man and he comes over and we find a working locker and he gives me 75 cents. Yay manager man.

Got the charge card for food, order food. Two hot dogs, one corn dog and misc drinks/sides. Turns out they only take cash at the snack bar, as in green dollahs. I do NOT use an ATM card, I use a Discover and a MC. About this time I am getting really peeved; we are hungry, sweaty and can smell the icees. So again, the manager man needs to help us.

He allows me to use my MC, just because it was under 20 bucks. Lovely, thanks. But get this...they forgot to make Hot Dogs we all had corn dogs. LOL

By this time, DH arrived. He took off work early to meet us there and I was SO glad to see him walk in. The mood immediately changed and the fun began.

I could never do this gig alone.

And that is my luck, in a hickory nut!

Ever have those days where no matter how hard you try, speed bumps are everywhere!!!

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Apr. 14, 2010 at 9:11 PM

that sounds like fun your a tolerant ,good mom

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