I just want to share that the kids had an absolutely FANTASTIC first day back. I am SOOO pleased.

Turns out that neither one of them got the teacher they had requested! I am looking at it as a blessing in disguise. So far, so good. It is important to branch out and meet people/adults that you don't already know.

I thought about them ALLLL day. really. it began to frustrate me at one point. Then I napped. Oh man, I napped. I had a list of tons of stuff to do today but after the "wake" that came from getting them prepared, clthed, fed and delivered, I realized "holy crap I am exhausted!"

I managed to make their "first day back" cake this morning before it got too hot; we have seen some heavy heat here as of late! I am hating it.

I hope everyone enjoys smooth days back to school this year!!!!

Dear daughter, the start of 3rd Grade!

Dear son, already in his seat, in his classroom, ready to go!

This was shot just before we left; this one is in dad's office and she is doing her best to look cool.

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