Greetings Coolerparents and Cafemoms!

Ok, anyone who wants to come over is welcome to come over! *woot woot* Zee house is ready!

I am SO looking forward to tomorrow; a time to join, to love and laugh and give thanks.

I am grateful for so much!

1.) Grateful for my family, my nuclear family as well as my extended family. Roots are good, and my roots entwine with them and I am ok with that.

2.) I am grateful for my children; my healthy and full of life children. They have brought me immeasurable joy satisfaction, and they are only 6 and 8. I can only imagine how much greater the return grows.

3.) I am grateful for my dear husband; my best friend and my cheerleader, in times of sorrow and in times of strength, he lifts me up and he wipes my tears, and I honestly cannot imagine a life without him.

4.) I am grateful for the food we have, and the clothes we wear and the heater that fires up with a switch of a thermostat.

5.) I am grateful for my body; my legs and my mind and my heart. When I was only five y/o I remember lying in bed one night, holding my hands open palmed before my face and thinking: "these same hands will be at the end of my wrists when I am old and grey, and what a story they will tell come that day."

6.) I am grateful for the friends I have; for those who love me and support me and share with me, through thick and thin.

7.) I am grateful for the air; the air I breathe and the strength it yields.

8.) I am hopeful. Hopeful for a tomorrow and a time to embrace and utilize the lessons of the todays.

9.) I am hopeful. Hopeful for my kids and that they come to know a life of love, and needs met and an unwavering knowledge that they are/were wanted.

10.) Most of all, I am grateful for life. In as much as I struggle, we all struggle, we are simply here. Here and now, and for that we are grateful.

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