Hello All~


I hope your NY's resolutions are attainable and positive and I hope the New year finds you all doing swell!

I have decided to refrain from setting a resolution or three because, well, it is just too much damn pressure.

We took a lil hiatus the last few days and went to visit DH's eldest sister T and her family in Sacto, California. Just a few hours drive from us but only an hour drive from the snow.

So we visited, laughed, and T and I even squeezed in a lil thrifting. Then we all loaded up and headed for the mountains.

Nearly 5000 feet higher we hit snow. It was beautiful. The kids have only seen snow once before and well, it was not even officially snow, more like heavy ice that gathered and threatened to be scoop worthy.

This time, it was the real stuff. The kids (and me, gotta admit it) were just enamored by the look of this white stuff. I shot this pic of Ry in the van when he first spotted the white fluff:

Once we parked and were free from the van, they darted for the snow and were in pure heaven with it, as evidenced by this shot:

Our intent was to sled, and a sledding we all a went! I was thrown by just how hard sledding IS on the body! Sheesh, I really felt like some jolly giant had just thrown me in his dryer with his whites. Holy shazaam, that sledding offers a heck of a lot of jarring action, doesn't it? NOT for the wimp in me, fer sure.

I did it though, and here are two shots of me:

(props to the cameraman, knowing my best angle and all)

Me, standing in the snow: "woman stands in snow" my Indian name. LOL Frankly, I look like I am constipated and trying to shake a decent load. What?

This was at a "Sno Park" which was really, nothing more than snow and trees. Trees! Who knew there were trees at a sledding park? Sheesh again. Them trees were trying to make all of us "pull a Sony Bono". None of us did, thankfully!

This is a shot of Ry, age 6, barreling down the slope of the beast! This kid has NO fear, and he causes his mother great anxiety.

This is a shot of Audy, taking a sledding break and just chillin'~this one also has NO fear and causes her mother substantial anxiety. I think it is their job.

This next shot is one of Ry and his cousin Marky, our family soldier. On leave and home for two weeks, it was a HUGE pleasure for us to have Mark join us on this expedition. In this shot, it looks so much like Ry is showing Mark "how to do it"...when in fact, it is less than a decade now that Mark has been on our coast, being raised in the Boston MA area he is well adept at sledding and snow. I heart Mark.

Another shot of Mark and Ry. Love this one, even tho Ry has his eyes closed!

At one point, Miss Audy realized that because she had on a snowsuit, going down the hill on her bootay was much more fun, and so she did. I caught this shot as she was just coming down a hill.

...and here is the boy, hoping to take flight by way of speed!

And finally, here is the man, I caught this shot as he came to "rest" after a long run. By the time we each got down the hill, we were just happy to still be feeling our appendages and we would just stretch out and exhale for a split second. This is that shot:

It was an absolute blast, and we cannot wait to shed the kids and go skiing again take the kids skiing soon.

Happy New Year to All!


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