So today marked the 42nd birthday of one of my longtime best friends: Miss Lynda Sue!

We met in the 4th grade. I arrived in her town, a newcomer with cropped hair and an arm cast to compliment my many scattered freckles. I was all of nine years old.

She and I "clicked" and we spent a couple years together enjoying our town and shoplifting from our local five and dime. (wha? I was born in 1968! There were five and dimes back then. Duh.)

We stayed close all through Jr. High, and in high school, about our sophomore year we began to separate. (this was shortly after a major set-back I encountered in my own life, one that would take years for me to share with Lynda Sue.)

We shared our high school experience through glances, rather than the journals of sketchy handwriting we shared as kids).

Post school and some years later, we reconnect as a direct result, I believe, of fate and the powers that be. This was over 10 years ago now, and we have shared our lives ever since.

She is shy, otherwise I would post her pic.

(not really 'shy", just not all that keen on publishing to the www)

At any rate, we shared her b-day by joining her and her fam at the skating rink.

This shot is me, and I am butt tired and sweating like a hooker in a foursome! This is the skating rink I had my tenth b-day party in. And can ya believe this, they have not even upgraded their lockers, let alone their bathroom/skate rentals. It is a travesty I tell ya!

Today I "won" the adult speed skate; and then I severely lost the game of "Simon Says". OMG I had it til the very end. Then the dj said: "do the 'YMCA' and so I did..." only to be reminded that Simon did not say that, the DJ did. DASTARDLY DRAGONS...allll the way back to the beginning for me! But before I retreated, long about the Simon Says timeframe, I wiped out. When I say "wiped out" I mean I bit the friggin dust, in full. I smashed my left knee and bounced on my face. LMAO! I am cool, I know! All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon!

At one point, Audy asked me: "Ma, when I am older will you take me and pick me up from the skating rink late at night like your mom did?" Bless her heart! I said, "Of course I will."

So the "boys" and Ry showed up mid-session. They decided to catch a game of pool since the session of public skate was nearing an are a few pics from their game.

And of course, my lil psycho child...aptly named Ryan, (cyn can relate):

Skate on Coolerparents, skate on!

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