My mother and father in law...and two of my nephews on each side.

My super silly nieces, Ray and Marie. Two of the best young ladies I am blessed to know. Can you tell they share their Aunt's wacky sense of humor? LOL I love these girls SO. (that is NOT Marie's hair, she is wearing some scarf for fun...)

Just a candid snapshot in the middle of the afternoon. My BIL with his eyes closed here on the right. LOL The young man in the white T is my nephew, Mark. He ships out to Germany in two weeks as military police. He rocks.

Tomorrow is Rob's actual b-day, but he was part of the b-day receivers yesterday for our gathering here at our house. This was one of his gifts. It is a BACKPACK! LMAO I love it!! (he is a star wars freak...)

Just a nice shot of my man and my kid.

And as usual, what is a DarBlog without a bit of the dar-nut. Here she is, in all her wackedness glory! LOL This was shot right before all the company arrived and we were just taking silly shots killing time. LOL

Just a wonderful day of family and love and darned good food for all. We celebrated my b-day, both of my SIL's b-days, one of my nephew's b-days and Rob's (dh) b-day.

Hoping you all are having a great weekend too!!!

Love to all,

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