Greetings my friends!

I am going to give an update here today because I appreciate the notes asking where/how I am and I know I have been rather MIA here as of late.

I have to do this in bullet form, because I just want to purge. I will start with the bad and end with the good, so that you walk away from this blog feeling better and not worse. Nice of me, I know.


*Today I am going with my BF to the boob surgeon because despite her lumpectomy looking good when she had it a few weeks ago, she is now looking at a full mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. Amazing how a life can change in a matter of a month.

*Issues with my sister, not to be aired publicly but suffice it to say, she is up to her same old shenanigans and my nieces are stuck in the middle.

*There was a job I kinda really wanted that I kinda didn't get. A bit of a blow to my ego, but I am recovering. I think it was my shoes, they were too nice for the interview. LOL

*Over this past weekend we did some hiking as Spring is whispering of her impending arrival, and as fate would have it, my lil boy caught poison oak. Bad too. All over his wittle body. His eye was super swollen because it had moved into the eye and his other parts down yonder were also effected. **ikes**

He also had a cough that kept recurring for a few weeks, but no I mentioned this when he and I went into the doc's on Tuesday, and he was given FOUR different meds, from predisone to inhalation stuff. Today, he is back at school and feeling better, altho he did wake me up three times last night because "it was itching". I, on the other hand, am exhausted.

*My daughter asked me recently what "I am coming literally" means. Yeah, she did. Seems allowing the kids to play with some of the neighbor kids has its downside.

*The neighborhood watch meeting I have scheduled (i am the block captain) got all screwy. It is to be held at another neighbor's house and HE was going to provide the food; I ran into him yesterday and he told me he was scheduled to fly to Texas the day of our meeting. So, now not only do I have to give the whole presentation, I also have to supply the munchies.

The Pleasant

*My BF is feeling "ok" about the surgery, and I am in agreement that she is making an informed, good decision.

*Ryan has had three EXCELLENT weeks at school. He is on a roll, and we are SO PROUD. His teacher does not even think we need a "teacher/parent" conference because he is THAT on track.

*Audrey was elected for a position on her school student council committee. We ARE SO PROUD. She had to give a speech and everything. She also had an assignment to make a diorama of our solar system, so she and Rob made one and it is really cool. Tonight, at her school, us parents get to come to "Solar Night", have cookies and marvel at all the solar systems the kids made this year.

*I don't have to bring the cookies for tonight.

*Rob got some additional contract work, in addition to his FT job so that is a plus.

*I decided to open a store here in my hometown; more to come on that.

*We are getting ready to shoot that commercial spot for Sutter Hospital and that is exciting and fun.

*This weekend we get to join many of our old friends, from a job we all shared, for a dinner out in celebration of one of the guys finally getting engaged. It will be nice to see our older friends and their kids, the ones that ended up moving away.

*Grey's is on tonight, and I have been enjoying the week in Hollywood.

*Boston Rob is a hubba hubba hunky man. Yum!

So yea, that is my deal. "Where" I am and all that jazz. Feel free to either attempt to make the crap better, or offer some praise for the good. Hahahaha. Ha.

And thank you again for the notes and thoughts!!

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