Ok so back in January i was gonna start exercising and eating better which i did for like 2 weeks...then slowly i started back into my old habits.. So now hopefully since its spring and nice out i will be better at sticking to an exercise routine. I am gonna try and run a mile.. thats my first goal. Along with doing swat jumps, push ups and some sort of ab routine. I am sick of having a pot belly from having babies. And i also noticed that im starting to grow a 2nd ass .. Im weighing 170 and im 5'5" so i should be weighing about 150.. If i could just lose at least 10lbs for now i would be happy.. then worry about the next 10lbs when i got there. I also have 2 little kids, a son thats 3 and a daughter that is 1 1/2 yrs. It gets kinda complicated trying to work out cause i can either take them on a walk in the stroller or do a work out video at home... they both get kinda boring...I live about 5 blocks away from our towns high school track so i was thinking of going down there and letting the kids play in the sand for the long jump pit while i run around the track... Well anyways i will keep you updated on how everything works out..

My current measurements as of yesterday are:

chest 40 3/4

belly 38 1/4

thighs 25 1/4

bicep14 1/4

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