I don't know what I'm going to journal about, but I'm hoping random things will just come to me...

Things are stressful right now, but I think they're calming down. We just had a wedding and reception at my house for my best friend (budget issues) and it was really great. It took a ton of planning, in a very short amount of time, while I was in the middle of a bathroom renovation, but all in all it came out nice and everyone had a great time.

We never finished the bathroom 100% of the way before the wedding, but it was presentable, and functional. So now that it's all over, we get to finish things up at a slower pace, which I'm looking forward to. The wedding was this past Saturday, and DH's birthday was Sunday. With everything going on, I completely forgot about his birthday and feel terrible. He is always very thoughtful on every occasion, and I'm usually the "guy that forgets everything" type. Well, I was able to come up with enough money to buy him the phone he's been wanting forever, so he was happy in the end.

We're still waiting on our tax return, for another entire week... I can't wait for that money. We were struggling with the tiny bit of money I make, and this will really help things out. During the wedding reception, I was able to mingle with someone who owns his own medical equipment business, that may start looking for someone in a customer service position. It's not what I went to school for, but it's a hell of an improvement from where I'm at now.

I'm going back to school again. Hopefully it will get me somewhere. I hit it off great with the woman in charge of the engineering department, and even though I haven't even enrolled yet, she already offered me a possible job lead she got from a close company. Which would be GREAT, since it is what I did go to school for. Things have been sooo hard for sooo long. It seems like when it rains, it pours. But I guess that applies for the good things (or blessings, if you will) too. We'll see, but I'll be sitting with my fingers crossed. I also file taxes, so the money has slowly been coming in from there too. Although now, a lot of people are learning how to e-file and do it all themselves, so work is slowing down there too.

The dog we got is a little sweetheart, but such a pain in the ass sometimes. I am no good with puppies. They're so cute, so I hate to discipline them. But I get so damn frustrated when they go to the bathroom in the house, it drives me insane. I can deal with chewing, and all the other annoying things puppies do, but when it comes to going to the bathroom in the house, that's where I draw the line. Ugh. It seems like it's getting better, but who knows. It's been a month, and he's still doing it. I think I'm a bad puppy trainer. Well that's enough about that.

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