Question: Do you have co-workers who are invasive and distrubtive


Yes- my co-wokers are invasive and distrubtive

No- my co-worker are neither

Yes- my co-workers are invasive only

Yes- my co-workers are distrubtive

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I just can't understand why they keep some horrible employees. I don't want to see anyone lose a job, but if you are a bad employee you deserve the boot! And this woman, Nutcase 0001, needs to get her ass canned. She comes into work when she is not even scheduled and sits at my desk and starts working on something. EXCUSE ME, but please remove your giant ass from my chair and take a hike! She is a horrid employee and she has mental issues. I am beyond caring. If you have a problem get help. The bosses have tried to get her some help, but she refuses so as far as I see it she needs to go. Some of the bosses are afraid to fire her b/c they fear a lawsuit, but she is a BAD employee. She has second chance after second chance to get her act together. When unemployement is so high, we could hire better workers for less pay so why don't they! This is what I don't understand.

Not to mention the fact that I have a huge paper due tomorrow that I just started this morning and a scholarship interview to go to this afternoon. I don't need her looney tuney interference. Oh please Lord just take her away from this place. Let her move away or disapear into the night. I just want her gone!

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