My husband wasn't around much the first few years of our marriage, and since he got home I haven't done much writing. So he was quite surprised recently when I got inspired and started working on a one of my stories. I had warned him that when I am in story mode I am only partly here in the real world, the majority of my brain is off in a different universe. I am in what ever scene I am writing, wherever that happens to be, I am in that room, forest, ruin whatever, I am there. I alternate between each charecter in the scene seeing it through them, hearing what they would say, talking it out loud to myself to hear how they should say it,  I imagine what body language is at play, I move how they will move in the scene to visualize it, to get a good idea of how to describe it and what will work best to convey the feel of the scene. I can go for hours without getting up for the bathroom, to get a drink or even eat. Though this recent bit I have had to adapt around my mommy duties. So I stage things while I do dishes. I talk out scenes as I make PB&J sandwhiches. I vizualize the charecters pasts as I color with my daughter, what their personal styles are while I do the laundry. My daughter got used to Mommy having conversations with her imagaination. My husband is still laughing at me, he finds the creative process quite amusing, as he is a very analytical, logic  minded computer geek. Writing eight pages in ten point font of charecter development would be equivelant to his hell. Even when I do return to reality I am a little off, I am laughing at goofy things, making weird associations and in general being quite entertaining. Some how yesterday I went from discussing cat ladies at the new age shop to expounding on how they collect cats, candles, and crystals and how they take the crystals for walks on leashes and make them little hats to wear, as everyone knows it is impossible to walk on a leash or wear a hat without a large blood donation or loss of limb. 

Beware the writers you may end up in our novels...

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