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Venture into my crazy life w/ 2 boys!

I met Jessie at Walmart summer of 2009. Her son and mine hit it off in the toy isle and we exchanged numbers for a play date. She told me she was staying at a abuse shelter here in town for women and children. I didn't ask details, figured she'd tell me if and when she was ready to. She didn't have a car so I offered to help her out.  She didn't have a car so I drove her to the store and where ever she needed to go, almost daily. I took her and the kids to the playground and little water park. It was probably about 2 months before I really saw them "play". They'd swing, slide, and splash but never really played like kids do. They always seemed so scared. Then one day while at the water park the youngest (2), grabbed my hand and said, "Abbey I love you, come on!" She then began to giggle and try to drag me through the waterfall. I was fully clothed but it brought such joy to my heart to see her so genuinely happy that, of course, I played along and ran through the water in jeans and a T-shirt! LOL This seemed to tickle the two older ones (ages 8/B and 11/G) and soon they joined in laughing and playing. I looked up and thier mom had the biggest smile. Over time I watched these 3 kids blossom. The same kids who would jump and/or cringe when I touched them on their shoulder would now run up and great me by throwing thier arms around me and hugging me.

Over time their mom, Jess, started to open up to me about her ex/thier dad. About how he would beat her, not once but punched over and over again endlessly all over her body and face. How he would try to accuse her of cheating and then he'd rape her and say, "Tell me how much better I am." He once even put a gun to her head and pulled the trigger. The gun by some miracle jammed and she got away, it was fully loaded and would have killed her had it not jammed saving her life. She told me how the father slammed their son (who's 8) up against a wall, hit him, and called him a retard among other names because he got a "B" instead of a "A" at school. He also made thier son watch PORN with him so he would, and I quote, "Grow up to be a fagot like his uncle!" I had notice since day one how the youngest girl (2) hardly ate solid foods, mainly baby food still. Jess explained to me this was due to the father putting his penis in her mouth and her choking on it. Now if you give her solid food or a large piece of food she gags on it and pukes. This monster also raped and molested the 11 year old daughter for many many years on multiple occasions. I spoke to the daughter (11) and told her that there's no pressure but if she ever needs someone to talk to I was here. I told her how I was molested as a child so I know some of what she's going through. She smiled and said ok and I left it at that. About a month later she out of the blue came up to me and stared telling me some of what had happened. She told me about when he mom wasn't home her dad would make her take a shower with him and wash him, including his privates. About how he was always walking by and rubbing his penis against her, and about him raping her. There's more but I will avoid going into to much detail.

Jess is such a good loving mom to these kids. She worked odd jobs to bring in money, she home schooled the two older ones and was very good at it, those kids are smart! She was always telling them how much she loved them and you could tell how much they loved her as well. Over time she saved up enough to get out of the shelter and rent a mobile home for her and her children so start a new life. They were all so happy. I went here every couple days to help out and for our kids to play. My oldest son Asher (6) and her son became quick friends. I knew sh was running and hiding form the ex so I let her put the bills in my name so he couldn't track her.

I guess she was here for about 6 months when something happened and it scared her that he might be finding out where they are, so they had to move unfortunately. Her ex had been looking for them since they left. He has been trying to get custody of the kids and because he's a fire fighter with friends who are cops and judges it looked like he may get it which was one of the reasons she ran, that and he told her net time he saw the kids he was going to kill them to get even with her for leaving him). So I told her not to tell me where she was going so if anyone showed up I could honestly say I don't know where she went. I brought them to the bus stations and with all of us in tears said goodbye and told her when things calm down to contact me and let me know everything was ok. About a week after she left I got a phone call from her. They had been found. Apparently he filed for divorce and sole custody while she was on the run and got it so then she got charged with kidnapping and the marshals were looking for her! Because they were caught ina state other then the one they live in i opened up a investigation in that state as well into the father. The kids told the cps working about what had been going on as well as the judge and they pressed charges against the father, they believed the kids!!! Problem is the father has a ton of cop and judge buddies who were trying to get the case moved back to thier state. Eventually he won and the case got moved, so he GOT THE KIDS. The oldest daughter curled up in the fetal position and cried when he came to get them she was so afraid. The case worker, lawyer, and judge all were crying. They knew he did it but they couldn't do anything. They told Jess to pray hard and get a good lawyer. The cps worker even said she'd be willing to fly to the other state to testify on the mother and kid's behalf. It's like I told the lawyer when I wrote him. Her ex makes serious money and before she ran she was about to get a 300,000 settlement from him plus child support and alimony, why the hell would she run of this wasn't going on?! So now she working double shifts to pay back her bail and try to make enough to hire a lawyer to get the children back. She is friends with someone who's son is in the same class as the oldest daughter and he said all she does is sit in the corner crying and saying she wants to die. But no one does anything because of who her father is. The fine state of Arizona ladies =(

So this is where you come in. I'm not just asking but I'm BEGGING you to vote this popular, bump, and copy this link and send ti to all your friends on here and ask them to do the same. Feel free to also post t on your facebook and other pages as well. Please write to officials, be it Arizona state, your state, or president Obama, dateline, 20/20, and whoever will get this taken care of and will listen. I'm trying to set up a paypal charity account so people an make donations for a layer for them but i currently don't know how and am still working on that. I also ask that if any of you ladies have been through this or just know what can be done please leave a comment or send em a letter and let me now!!! Thank you all. I just created the facebook page and will be working on trying to figure out paypal later tonight. Also I know it's against cafemom's rules to have two profile pages, does anyone know if I have my personal and then one to help this family would be allowed? Here's the link to the FB page...PLEASE JOIN AND PASS ONTO YOUR FRIENDS!!!


A few people have asked for more information, like where everything is taking place, this is all the info that I can provide below, due to the legal battle we don't want to make things worse...This is the letter I got from the grandmother,

It took place in Mohave County where all his law buddies are. And Coconino County CPS failed to follow up on the case and closed it because the detective and asshole worked together at the fire station and are friends. I will call him (Carrie's X) Hitler so you know who I am talking about. Hitler himself requested Detective Jerk to do the interview with Megan and had the woman on charge thrown off who was trained to work with children at a place called Sarahs house. We spent 3 weeks trying to get detective jerk replaced and were told TOO BAD! After this interview Detective jerk and Hitler went to CPS (child protective services ) here in coconino county and went to Suszett CPS worker in charge and told her it was all a lie and to CLOSE THE MEGAN SMYTHE CASE NOW! So she talked to Hitler and detectives jerk and 2 more of HITLERS friends and they told her all was normal and she sided with them closed the case. Very one sided here wouldn’t you say so. She did not go and interview the teachers at Megan's school , or her pastor and his wife that Megan and Roland went to and opened up to. Or the pastors son that Roland confided in, or us or all 3 of their Aunties who they went to as well or Carrie the MOTHER!. That CPS officer talked to no one on our side, and the first CPS officer that went to the school and talk to Megan that said Hitler should be arrested right then shortly after that he was laid off. Since then we have talked to him (Ryan) and he said that Suszett strictly told him he was not allowed to speak up for Megan in this case. So we have to have him brought in by our lawyer and Ryan said that would work. I think your letter you mention the first COP that spoke to Megan, and he is not a cop but worked for CPS this is Ryan that believed the children 100%.

I hope this helps. people have to know that there are some things that just cannot be mentioned names etc. as it could go against the case! Also we need to make sure people are who they say they are and not someone Hitler knows that seen the page and will use anything they can against us so someone asking to many questions we need to shun from. Dr. Phill does not need names nor does any other talk show, only mine if a name is required, but in the memo they need to say who they are and why they are sending the letter. they can also write in their own words what they are supporting THE KIDS and how our courts and CPS system fails many child in child abuse cases when they give the sex offender a free ticket to have sex with children by placing them with the abuser themselves! We also need a petition (sp) to get sighed that we the people want to see justice and bring these kids home! Here is all the info anyone needs Grandmother is
Anita Bershee
PO Box 3754
Flagstaff AZ 86003
make sure in the subject box in the e-mail they put SAVE THE KIDS so I will know who it is from and not delete it.

-->At the request of many, I have written a letter concerning the children at the hand of their rapist father. This will make it much easier for you and you won't need to write the letter yourself. Just write at the top who you want it to go to and sign your name at the bottom, feel free to print several and share with your friends please!If you'd like a more "professional" looking copy e-mail me at please.save.their.lives@gmail.com and I will send you two copies, one on Adobe PDF and one on OpenOffice2 and you can use whichever one you like best. =}I'm also working on writing a pentiton (sp?), when it's done I will post it here & as before if you'd like a more "professional looking" copy just e-mail me and I'll gladly send you one.I would recommend most of all sending this to Dr. Phil, Oprah, and You government officials.You can a copy of the letter 3 ways.  
I'm writing you concerning a very urgent matter that can truly be considered a matter of life and death for the children below.

 Their father physically, sexually, and verbally abused their mother for many years. There are pictures of her bruises. She stayed with him until one day when the children finally told her what he had been doing to them.

 Megan, who is 11 years old, was molested, forced to perform sexual acts on the father, and verbally abused.

 Roland, who is 9, was verbally and physically abused, was forced to watch pornography so he “Wouldn't grow up to be a fagot like his uncle” and was taught to hate Jews and Blacks.

 Haley, two years old, was verbally abused, and was duck taped to the toilet and had water thrown on her when she would have a dirty diapers.

Additionally, with Haley there is also evidence of sexual abuse (the Doctor believes the father forced oral sex on her by placing his penis into her mouth—but, she is to young to actually state this fact, the Doctor did document it though).

 When all this became known to the mother she left with her children. There was one problem though. The father is a firefighter in Arizona and has many friends who are policemen and he also has judges who are friends too.

 The mother, Carrie, continued to fight for custody. The father and CPS set up interviews with the police. The first policeman to interview Megan believed her and said the abuse story was so intense that he had to take a break a few times. He was laid off the next day and told to keep his mouth shut. The next policeman to interview her was a friend of the father's and was requested by the father to do the interview. He got in Megan's face and screamed, “You're a liar, admit you are lying!” But the brave little girl still insisted it was true. The battle for the children continued. The father told Carrie (the mother) that he was going to kill the children to get even with her for leaving him. Shortly after the police harassment started. Carrie and her family were constantly being pulled over and searched for no reason. They were followed almost daily as well by undercover policemen.

 One day Carrie got papers served to her stating that the father had filed for and received temporary emergency custody and that he would be filing for permanent custody. It was clear that be his connections (even the judge was a friend) that he was going to get it. The children were crying and begging not to go and to be kept safe.

Shortly after this Carrie took off on a day they weren't being followed, and after checking the cars for a tracker ( they kept having trackers placed under their car so when they weren't being follow they still knew where they were), and left the state with the children to go into hiding. They went to Florida. She worked under the table doing odd jobs to pay the bills and home schooled the children. They made friends and were happy. The children confided in one of the mother's friends what had happened to them at the hands of their father (she is willing to talk to you if you need her to-contact information is below). They were in Florida for about 6 months when they had a scare and thought the father may have found where they were living so they left to move to another state.

 A week or two after that they were caught in Michigan. The judge, police, CPS worker, children's lawyer, everyone involved, believed them. However ,the father came to Michigan, and wanted the case moved back to Arizona. They all fought hard to have the case stay in Michigan but in the end the father won. When the father came to take the children the oldest, Megan, curled up in the fetal position and was screaming. The judge, lawyer, and CPS worker all had tears in their eyes, they knew he had abused the children but they couldn't do anything about it.

 Once back in Arizona he had all of Carrie's (the mother) parental rights striped away, she has not be able to see or talk to her children in over 3 months. The children are living in fear all the time. He has taken Megan's cell phone away and none of the kids are allowed to answer the home phone. They are not allowed to look at or talk to anyone except for certain classmates the father has picked out and approved. The fire station is next door to the school and the father has his firemen buddies and some school officials are watching and checking in on the kids all the time.

Carrie is working a minimum of 70 hours a week to try to save up for a good lawyer to get her children back but it's a uphill battle.

 There is much more to the story but for now I'm just giving you the short version. You can find more information at these links,








 And, the friend who helped her in Florida (who also runs Carrie's Facebook page) at


 I'm begging you on behalf of these children to please do something before it's to late!




Lastly a video I made for them.


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Apr. 26, 2010 at 8:05 PM

I'm begging you for the sake and lives of these kids to vote popular, send this link to your friends, bump, and print many copies of the above letter & send it to everyone * ask your friends to do the same. BTW if you don't have a printer, go to the local library get on their computers and use theirs.

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Apr. 26, 2010 at 8:05 PM


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Apr. 26, 2010 at 8:06 PM


Alot of you have asked for addresses to places you can write and/or links to e-mail people,here are some for you.

147 Columbus Avenue 
New York, NY  10023

147 Columbus Avenue 
New York, NY  10023

Nightline/This Week
1717 DeSales Street  NW
Washington, DC  20036

ABC World News with Diane Sawyer
47 West 66th Street  2nd Floor
New York, NY  10023

Good Morning America
147 Columbus Avenue 
New York, NY  10023

 International Association of Fire Fighters,AFL-CLC,CLC

1750 New York Ave, NW Suite 300

Washington, DC 20006-5395


Fax 202-737-8418

I think this is a great idea, thanks!

BACA (bikes against child abuse) is another good one to contact, amazing people they are!


Oprah Winfrey
c/o harpo productions
P.O. Box 909715
Chicago, IL 60607


The Dr. Phil Show
5555 Melrose Avenue
Mae West Building
Los Angeles, CA 90038
Phone: 323-956-330

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Apr. 26, 2010 at 8:07 PM

Them about 1 year ago.


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Apr. 26, 2010 at 8:09 PM



A child's heart is often broken

The trust is gone

And faith no token.

Truth and lies all blend together

Makes life feel like uncertain weather.

The hope is lost, the smile replaced

A mask of sadness upon its face.

The tears fall down

The heart does break

A child's innocence did life just take.


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Apr. 26, 2010 at 8:12 PM

The mother has a friend who is in the same class as Megan who said she sits in school and cries all day and says how she wants to die, so thing are no better with how he's treating them I'm assuming. Friends try to talk to her and  she screams and cries that she can't she not allowed and begins shaking. He won't allow them to answer the phone. Their school is next door to the fire house so he checks on them all day and they're not allowed to talk to any kids except for the ones he picks out for them!

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Apr. 26, 2010 at 8:27 PM


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Apr. 26, 2010 at 8:40 PM

Very sad

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Apr. 26, 2010 at 8:40 PM Bumping and praying and waiting for info from a friend!!!

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