I was getting bummed about this whole diet thing, and feeling like I was missing out on so many great things...

Well I went to work last night, and was scheduled with a lady I haven't worked with in about 2 weeks. We rarely even talk (usually pretty busy) and out of nowhere, she came up and asked me if I lost weight! I said, very happily, "Yes I am, thanks!" At first I thought it was just a sweet comment, but then she continued to ask me how I did it, etc. It was very flattering and I shared all my "secrets" with her.

Then I went and visited a friend that I met at work (she no longer works there). I hadn't seen her in about a month. SHE out of nowhere asked me too if I was losing weight! I told her yes, and figured since it was only 10-12 pounds, that it wasn't super obvious, but she wanted to prove it to me, so she took out a picture she had of me from the last time I saw her, and she said "Here, look - you can tell even in just your face!" (I was wearing a puffy coat, so that's all you could see)

That gave me INSTANT re-motivation. Like a bonus even... On break, there really isn't much to choose from at lunch b/c I work overnights. So I usually just grab a bag of chips or something and a diet coke b/c its faster and easier. Instead, I brought my own Crystal Light packet, diet wheat crackers, fat-free cream cheese (or neufatchel - whatever its called), and a light yogurt. I wasn't looking forward to my "healthy" lunch, but after all that good news, I was re-energized and was happy about eating that.

A coworker surprised us and bought 2 boxes of ice cream (chocolate/caramel cones, and ice cream sandwiches). I loooooove sweet things, so was about to break and have "just a little bit". Then again, the phrase "Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels" popped into my head, and I was okay with not eating any. Then earlier today, we got a gift card (debit card thing) and I told DH we should order pizza (completely not thinking about the diet - I was busy on CM lol!) and he said "You're not on your diet anymore?" and I remembered - and said oh, nevermind...

Then I went to the kitchen, made them spaghetti and garlic bread. I made myself tuna w/chopped lettuce and a little fat-free mayo, and rolled it in 2 lettuce leaves, like burritos. A lot of food for just 4 WW points! It didn't taste great, and I wasn't in love with it, but I just pictured myself fitting into those jeans, and how one break just moves me one step farther from that goal. I will take that self-discipline as a good sign for the things to come.

We're going to a baseball game Sunday, and it will be hard to refuse beer and hot dogs (and nachos, mmmm) since it's "just one day". But between me and DH, that will save us like $40-50! He tries to support me by toughing it out with me - so sweet, I'm really lucky for that. I wonder if you're able to bring/sneak in food. If so, maybe I'll pack some granola bars and other healthy snacks - I can eat those while everyone else eats the "good" stuff...

My anniversary is on Monday. I don't know what he has planned. I'm also very lucky that he is so very thoughtful, he has always impressed me. He usually either takes me out to dinner, or if we can't get a sitter, makes me a special dinner. I wonder if he'll make something healthy... If he doesn't, I guess I would have to break my diet for that night - so I don't hurt his feelings... Or maybe I'll press trying to go out for dinner - that way I can choose something healthy.

Other than this weekend, I don't see many other obstacles coming up, so that's a plus. I am still just so happy!

We were supposed to have our tax refund by the 27th, and I planned to buy a treadmill. I could watch TV while I walk LOL! Well the IRS is slacking off I guess, because we still haven't gotten it, so that's a bummer. But it will come soon, fingers crossed.

I wasted today away, it's not 10pm, and probably too late to go walk the dog. BUT I did KILLER on my diet today (woohoo!) so I guess that balances out a little. You're supposed to have a day off every so often anyway!

Well, I'm getting off CM now - me and my skinny-ish ass LOL!

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Apr. 30, 2010 at 11:43 AM

congratulationsSounds like you are doing GREAT!!! :-) GOOD JOB!!!

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