I often go out in public with my double, one in front of the other, stroller. SOmetimes people will look at me like they have never seen one before, and i am guessing that it is usually people who do not have kids at all, and quite possibly have a very small chiwawa at home they carry about in a dog stroller. Or, they act like I am in their way and can't wait till my turn in line is over so they don't have to look at me and my weirdo mama walking contraption with shopping bags, drinks, cookies, kids with food on their faces, missing one shoe and acting up & screaming about going to Build a Bear, whilst you try and pay for some cheap off the sale rack placemat for your kitchen table!I!!   I also feel like sometimes the what i call, "perfect, anal retentive moms, " with the most up to date strollers look at me like, ugh, 2 yrs. ago model!!!! BUT, then you come across some kind, thoughtful human being who passes your path who like holds the door for you or a sales clerk who helps you get yer big stroller in the biggest dressing room at Victoria's secret sos you can try a bra on that doesn't fit right because you breastfed two kids and now you are a size they no longer make at all!!!  k in moto land

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May. 4, 2010 at 10:17 PM

and i thought i was the only one with that stroller. :)

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May. 4, 2010 at 10:46 PM

Well you can't always please everyone but I am glad you don't let those things stop you from doing your thing :)

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