Ok, So I'll give you a little back ground on the situation! So I was totally against giving our daughter a pacifier before we had her. I didn't want to give her something that she was going to be so attached to that we would eventually have to take away from her, that just seems very mean! So we have tried and tried to wean her of it and every time we do we move or something unexpected happens and we end up just giving in. So the other day we were in the car and i noticed that her teeth were starting to appear to have an over bit which means braces! So I told myself that it was time to get rid of her "Nuk"! So I  cut the tip off of it and gave it back to her like there was nothing wrong with it. She put it in her mouth and then she took it out and she looked at it funny. And it has been a rough couple nap/bed times but last night when she woke up I went into her bed and made a little bed on her floor next to her bed. I told her to get back into bed and she did but she didn't ask for her "Nuk" and she fell back to sleep without it!!! She slept until 8am without her "Nuk"!!! So we'll see how nap time goes! I'll keep you posted!!!

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