So much stuff on my mind these days. My husbands overseas (as i know many of your husbands are-we gotta be strong!!), my DS 1st birthday coming up, just got a new puppy to go along with my 5 year old dog, and now i am getting into the game of going organinc and eating healthy. Man all of you ladies who have more than one kid and all this stuff going on and can handle it without going crazy are my heroes. Serioulsly.

         The new puppy is a yellow lab boxer mixed, and bless his heart, he is so sweet but man is he not the brightest light bulb in the bunch. Still potty training after 3 days, I know that that sounds like not a long time, but darn it I had my first dog trained in a day! Anyways, The new puppies name is Havoc, and yes he lives up to his name. Walk him around for 20 minutes outside (with my 28 pound DS on my hip) just for him to come back inside and poop right on the floor. And forget about him learning tricks, getting him to sit takes about 5 minutes, but its all pretty entertaining and adds that extra spark to our day so its all good.

         My DS 1st birthday is coming up!! In exactly one month today he will be 1 years old its so exciting! I'm thinking of going with a cowboy theme party, I know that he wont remember but it'll be cute and he'll have the pictures to look at when he gets older. He just started walking last month and that was so exciting! We are planning on going to our families for DS's birthday but they live 4 hours away and that means driving with the 2 dogs and DS. Thats the part thats making me want to stay here and not travel, cause its going to be sooo hard driving with the new pupppy. My other dog can ride the whole car ride without stopping ti use the bathroom, but the new puppy, not so much. When he has to go he has to go. So its going to be really creepy driving up to an area to walk the dog and having to pull out my son from his carseat then get everything back settled into the car. And you never know if some creep-o is going to be watching! They might see ima woman by myself with a baby and 2 dogs and stalk me or something! ITs really scary!!

        Maybe thats shallow of me to say but its what i'm thinking! I told my husband the other night while we were talking on the computer that i would like us to become healthier, like less meat and organic and stuff like that..he said yeah right. He was raised with having meat at every meal and meat was always the main course! Thats too much and really nasty (not much of a fan of a lot of meat)!  His arteries are probably so clogged. We have been looking for farmers markets around here and we found one but i dunno if it was jsut a bad day or what but it SUCKED! My DS likes fruits and veggies and it would be nice for them to have come from the f.m. And it would be a great way to lose some weight for me hahaha. We just recently sitched to green cleaners too and they do clean alot better believe it or not! Hopefully we can all get this planet clean for our kids and their future kids and all the other generations to come!

      Sorry if the rambling is annoying or if there was a ton of typos in here, i jsut felt like rambling cause the only people i talk to are dogs and my baby, i have no freinds :( too shy! thats all thats on my mind for the day! Peace love and bulletproof marchmallows! hahaha!

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