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For a mom, Mother's Day is the ultimate holiday.  A day that she can have breakfast served to her in bed.  A holiday that she isn't running around getting one last gift to stick under the tree, to place in an Easter basket, or to tie a birthday bow around.  A mother will get the chance to stop and smell the roses that have been showered upon her by adoring, well behaved children.  Well, maybe not all Mothers Days are like this, but that's the idea, anyway.

Even if you don't get the perfect Mothers Day this year, every mother can think of those things that she loves about being a mom and appreciate them today. 

Some days it can be difficult to think of those things you love, while other days you could fill a book with all those things you adore about being a mother to your children.  I know for me, no matter what kind of day I have had, there are always 4 things that I know I will always love about being a mom: Cale, Grace, Aalijah, and Garr.

Cale is growing to be a great young man.  He loves to learn and to read and wants to be able to teach to others all those things he knows.  For Mother's Day this year, he gave me a drawing of the two of us sitting on the couch talking.  He loves to be able to sit down and ask you questions, and listens to each explanation.

Our little fireball, Grace is full of more energy then she knows what to do with.  She loves to talk, encourage others, and be helpful.  She is a social butterfly, and loves to hear how pretty she is.  As long as she is near you, and you are listening to her talk, she is happy.  You could fill a book with the things she says in a day that make you laugh. 

My little peaceful Aalijah can go with the flow and do it with a smile on her face all the way.  I love to scoop her up in my arms and have her lay her head on my shoulder... nothing is a better stress relief! 

The last, and the best, my spouse, partner and best friend, Garr.  I couldn't be the mom I am without him.  He takes amazing care of us by providing for all our needs.  I am confident that my son will know how to treat a lady, by watching his father treat me the way he does and like wise, my girls will know what to expect from a young man, and settle for no less.  I can't imagine how I would fill my roll of being a mother without him.  Garr is the leader of our home, and leads us well by keeping his priorities on track.  He may not be perfect, but he certainly is perfect for me. 

I thank God for all the blessings he has given me as a mother.  I love you Cale, Grace, Aalijah, and Garr. 

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